Myanmore Review on the Round House

By Ei Nandar Kyaw



What is it?


The Round House (Royal Kandaw Gyi) is a new restaurant offering authentic Burmese food in the Kandaw Gyi Park compound. It was once used to be “White Rice restaurant”, a Chinese fusion and rebranded into this full Burmese Restaurant in June this year. Since the restaurant is in the soft opening stage, only the Breakfast menus are available at the moment.



The price range is from 1,000Ks to 9,000Ks most which is quite affordable for everyone.

They said all of the ingredients used in the food are made in house while their chefs were being selected from all over Myanmar so that their dishes can give the authentic taste from each original region.


The atmosphere 








Making a step by step on the stoned staircase, it’s like entering into an ancient Burmese movie starring the royal house surrounded with the vast garden and beautiful lake. The indoor area is really spacious and able to hold big events or weddings.








The outdoor and indoor tables of the restaurant


The wooden furniture, plant and flowers decorations look so grand with a classic background music in the air. Emphasizing breathtaking Myanmar artworks and the impressive chandelier, the restaurant will make you feel majestic.





We tried strawberry muffin French toast, classic Shan noodle, Mee-shay noodle, braised pork buns, Ceylon tea and the classic Burmese tea and it cost only 20,000ks in total which was surprisingly fair and I felt really satisfied with their quality and presentation.



Among them, I would like to recommend Mee-shay and the buns.








The Mee-shay was a beautiful collaboration of noodle, grilled chicken, vegetarian meat preserved in soy sauce, chili bean sauce and ground coriander. The bean sauce creates the dish into a little deep flavor which makes it special and delicious. 


I was surprised with the taste of Braised pork buns which were unlike normal buns. Those  were soft and the meat filling was so tender and premium. Since one bun costs only 2,000ks, I would say it’s a must try item for everyone.


Final Thought


First of all, the location gives the tranquil ambience with the view of beautiful Kandaw Gyi Lake and I believe it’d be better to go in the morning or afternoon since you can enjoy all of the scenery more in daylight. The car parking area is really spacious under giant trees in the compound which you don’t need to worry about. The lunch and dinner menus are coming really soon which I’m expecting a lot. I can’t leave writing about the brilliant service they gave, too. Overall, it was a great experience for me.


So, I would say I will definitely visit there again whenever I have a chance.


  • Address : Kandaw Gyi Park, Opposite of Eye Special Hospital, Nat Mauk St, Yangon.
  • Ph number : 09 45311 7746
  • Opening Hours : 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM ( Breakfast time is only up to 2:00PM)
  • Rating : Food : 9 / Ambience : 10 / Service : 9


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