Our weekly letter is replaced with weekly picks. It’s basically a weekend planner for us. Hope you find something that meets your interest!

New things we have noted

Pann Chan, or garden, is a new cafe at the French Institute. It also doubles as a space for everyone to mingle and hold events. This Friday, an indie band General Tiger Gun will release a new album at the cafe. Check this link for more info.

Food we’re going to try

Spinach noodles! Organic Valley’s flagship product is apparently made of New Zealand spinach and is vegetarian-friendly. Each pack of noodles is ready-to-eat and priced at Ks2,500. Visit their page to order.

Place we are revisiting

Credit: Cafe Deja Brew Facebook

Cafe Deja Brew arguably ushered in the trend of retro-themed cafes. The first shop opened in early 2019 and the second one popped up just a year later. We’re going to revisit there someday.

Event we will visit

The exhibition “Unapologetically Queer” will be wrapped up on 10 July at Myanm/art with a talk session between the artists and the curator. Worth visiting if you’re curious about the creative minds

3pm – 5pm | Myanm/art

Experience we plan

If you are interested in the slow fashion business, why not take the class this Saturday at Kokkoya farm? The Botanical Printing class is a one-day workshop by Anu Slow Fashion that teaches how to dye cotton garments using natural products. The fee is Ks75,000 and you will bring a cotton shawl and a handkerchief home. Call 09 981 008 996 to register.

Photo credit: Organic Valley Facebook


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