Have you planned your weekend? If not, check our list. We’ve got a buffet breakfast, wellbeing programme, seafood recipe, and more!

New things we have noted

Taing Yin Thar Restaurant’s weekend buffet breakfast is one of the most affordable and filling buffets in town. At only Ks7,000 you can feast on 15 traditional meals from 7am to 11am. Due to popular demand, it will serve this buffet on Wednesday every week starting from this week.

Recipe we’re trying

Khaing Khaing Kyaw needs no introduction in Myanmar’s traditional food landscape. They have shared their lobster recipe and we’re going to try it this weekend.

Place we are revisiting

After a short hiatus, Toast & Melt has returned with a new menu at a new location. Its sandwiches are delicious and filling. We’re going to revisit this weekend.

Event we will visit

With the collaboration of The Community, Prevent Plastics Myanmar is co-hosting an event called The Community: Responsible Market promoting Reduce, Resell, Recycle this weekend. It’s aimed to raise awareness on the use of plastics in the garment industry.

29-31 Jul (10am-6:30pm) | KanTharYar Shopping Centre

Experience we plan

Care is an exhibition exploring the concept and artistic ways of community care and collective trauma healing. We can connect as a team as well as friends. Activities include planting, playing VR games, tarot reading, etc.

28 Jul-1 Aug (10am-5pm) | Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Photo credit: Khaing Khaing Kyaw

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