Tasteful brunch places are still overwhelming the downtown area even though the original buoyant mood we used to get is missing for a bit. 


Ô’Thentic Creperie and Wine Bar is one of them.



It was formerly called Ô’Thentic Brasserie and is a traditional French brasserie located on Yaw Min Gyi Street, near old Bogyoke market.








The two-storey building was created with French affection and elegance and you can take aesthetic pictures everywhere in the restaurant to fill your instagram newsfeed.





“Well, hello there, Mr. Giraffe.”






For the meals, you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch and different kinds of drinks including wine. Despite only a few pages for a menu, the items are well-structured starting from Breakfast including different kinds of egg menus, appetizers including warm bruschetta and garden salad, the Main courses including Grilled beef tenderloin, varieties of pasta, sandwich, sweet crepe, burger and pizza which is the signature of the restaurant.

Price range is from MMK 7,400 – MMK 18,500 which is super affordable.



There is also a special offer for every month “Eat 3 courses, pay only 10,000 MMK”.

For today, I tried Bolognaise Spaghetti, Fish and Chips with garden salad, special 3 courses- offer including Caesar salad, Grilled Beef with spinach mashed potato and chocolate mousse.



All the dishes satisfied me with a big portion each especially the beef’s taste was so fine with a good companion, the red wine sauce. Being the perfect ending, the chocolate mousse melted in my mouth giving the best wrap up for a meal.









If you want to chill your weekend while relaxing within the France atmosphere, I would say a visit to Ô’Thentic can be a good choice.


Address : No.45, corner of Bo Yar Nyunt street and Yaw Min Gyi Street, near old Bogyoke market https://g.page/OThentic-YGN?share

Contact number : 09 449 529557

Opening hour : 10 AM to 10:30 PM

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/OThentic.YGN/

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