There’s a new café in town which is getting loved by young Instagram users owing to its cozy aesthetic ambience. 



Booboo café is a pet-friendly coffee shop located at the corner of Byamasoe Street, Waizayantar Main Road, South Okkalapa Township, right next to “My Pet”, pet mart.










Using the white interior design combined with natural light, it gives the relaxing calmness with the harmony of the green plants and wooden furniture making every angle of the café Instagram-worthy.


The café has two floors connected by these cute spiral stairs.

The lower floor is more spacious where you can bring your beloved pets while feeding them since there is also a pet menu.

The upper floor has three to four tables outdoors and three small tables in the air conditioning room.



It’s a bit lacking that they got really small range of menus offering only their signature drinks and cakes.


Even though some may think that the foods are quite pricey despite their small portions, I could say that I definitely felt satisfied with their taste and quality.




Strawberry mousse, Vanilla Frappe and Ice Dalgona


The opening hours are from 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM and it’d be better to visit during morning and late evening since the scorching weather could make you go mad. 


Photo courtesy of Peanut, the shihtzu and Honey Milo


For the people who love taking Instagram pictures or the ones who want to have some quality time with your pet, a visit to this Booboo café could fulfill your wishes. 


  • Facebook page :
  • Contact Number : 09 758 434438
  • Café Address : 283 A, corner of Byamasoe Street & Waizayandar Main Road, South                              Okkalapa Township.




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