Last Sunday, I felt an urge to try a new street food but the weather wasn’t on my side and it was raining cats and dogs without a break.


So, I was scrolling my social media and found a new Shan food restaurant near our neighborhood called Lashio Thu. So, I rang a call and made an order of ClayPot Mee Shay & Crispy Fried Dumpling. Since it was my very first time trying Crispy Dumpling, I couldn’t wait for the new experience.



My order arrived within 15 mins and the visual already looked so appetizing and tasty. Both of them were still warm and my first choice was crispy fried dumplings, the special menu from that restaurant. 



Although it said “crispy”, the dumplings were neither very crunchy to eat nor too oily for the texture. I bet both kids and adults would love these delicious dumplings. They are made with chicken mince, cabbage, spring onion and other vegetables with enough moisture in the filling. The chilly sauce was very palatable to dip in it. This was such a perfect starter for the meal.


Then, I tried the Claypot Meeshay, the famous Shan noodle with a meat soup which was so delicious and the ingredients were a perfect collaboration with the soup. It was accompanied with mohnyin chin (Shan pickle made of mustard greens and fermented vegetables) but I used to drop it since it’s not my type.


Both of the dishes were affordable and a great value for a total price of 7,000 Ks and every bite of them could fill the place of a warm companion on drizzly Sunday.


“Calories don’t count on the weekend and good food makes good mood”


So, this is the pick for today’s street food corner and hope you all enjoy your splendid week.



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