Rice to meet you, everyone. 

Did you know that Sushi dates can also create the most wonderful moments with your beloved ones?



Among countless sushi spots in Yangon, it’s not easy to find budget-friendly ones that serve tasteful sushi and Japanese meals.

So, we once made a list of worth-visiting sushi spots for the budget.


Adding to that list, I have found another wallet-friendly sushi bar where they serve over 100 kinds of sushi menus and delicious Japanese meals.



It is Rio Japanese Sushi and Shan Cuisine Restaurant , located on Pinlon Street, 33 Ward, North Dagon Township and right next to Pinlon Capital Supermarket.



The opening hours are from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM and delivery is available. Restaurant’s interior is cozy and four people can sit at one table.











One thing unique about Rio Sushi bar is that they have over 100 kinds of  sushi and Japanese meals starting from Maguro sashimi to Sanma Teishoku Rice set.

The price range starts from 1500 MMK to 18000 MMK and all the menus are worth-paying.

The dishes that I tried are…

  • Pork Salad
  • Tako (Octopus Roll)
  • Matai Sashimi
  • California Roll including crab meat
  • Salmon Aburi Nigiri (Smoked salmon and rice)
  • Chuka wakame (Seaweed salad) and
  • Tsumire Jiru (Fish Ball Soup)









If you ever drop by North Dagon, I would say ‘a visit to Rio Sushi bar’ could never go wrong.

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