Welcome to MYANMORE’s weekly letter! These are our personal experiences and recommendations around Yangon and beyond. Let us know yours in the comments.

New things we have noted

GOAT Bar opened its doors just 1 Jun and we haven’t even paid a visit yet. After checking the menu, we noted some interesting dishes like Demoso Grilled Pork and Rakhine Chicken Arpu Soup. Blending ethnic food into a bar atmosphere is not new but always welcome.

Food we can’t get enough of

A hot spicy bowl of Rakhine Mont Ti (or Mote Tee or Mote Di) is a fix for the cold and wet season. Min Lan and Tharli Swa are the places I frequent. If you want more selections, check our list.

Place we are revisiting

Melia’s high tea doesn’t need much introduction. It has refurbished the traditional high tea experience with a Japanese twist and the result is Tokyo High Tea. In addition to Japanese pastries, a live ramen station will also be there. This new experience is available from 12 Jun at only US$25 for two. So worth a revisit. Check more info here.

Event we will visit

Thai Fest at Novotel is probably the most exciting consumer fair so far this year. It will showcase dozens of made-in-Thailand brands, lucky draws and entertainment programmes. We’ll be there sampling food, shopping and mingling.

16-19 Jun (10am-7pm) | Novotel Yangon Max

Experience we plan

As the weather is getting wetter and wetter I tend to stay indoors more these days. Since my back and shoulders are pretty tense from typing all these articles, I feel like a massage. All I gotta do is choose from one of 75 entries in our wellbeing listing (and probably get a headache too after all that browsing lol).


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