With the rapid growth of ZADA, the very first Digital ID ecosystem in Myanmar, the main part of the system, COVIDPASS is also gaining more users and national recognition throughout South East Asia.


The COVIDPASS app is a trusted alternative to prove a traveler’s Covid-19 vaccination record, providing a secure and convenient platform. 


Currently, the Singapore government recognizes it and passengers traveling to Singapore from Myanmar can use the ZADA COVIDPASS from early 2022 to share their vaccination records on arrival at the immigration checkpoints at Changi Airport.

COVIDPASS in Singapore


From mid-May, 2022 travelers from Myanmar to Thailand will be able to prove their vaccination with COVIDPASS in the ZADA App through the integration with Finema and Thailand Pass.



“We are very proud that Myanmar travelers can now use our COVIDPASS as a vaccination proof when entering Singapore. They will have complete confidence that their data is secure and under their control,” said Mr. Sigurdsson, ZADA Founder & CEO.


ZADA launched their COVIDpass in August 2021 in Myanmar with over 150,000 credentials issued and multiple partners have joined the network.


The COVIDPASS is managed in the ZADA digital wallet and can be issued by accredited vaccination centers such as Pun Hlaing Hospital, Ar Yu International Hospital and has been collaborating with MAI(Myanmar Airways International).




“We are already close to complete integration with another large Southeast Asian country and are also discussing other use cases for tourism, financial services, and education. In less than a year, we’ve become one of the largest private decentralized Identity ecosystems in the world,” shared Mr.Sigurdsson.


For more information about the rules for traveling to and staying in Singapore, see https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/health/vtsg


About COVIDpass

COVIDPASS is a private sector initiative to restore confidence during the COVID-19 pandemic while improving the sharing and verification of vaccination proofs.

For more information about COVIDPASS see www.covidpass.id or contact covidpass@zada.io


About ZADA

ZADA is a digital identity network and ecosystem that enables the verification of digital credentials efficiently and securely.  

All organizations can join the ZADA network and be part of the ecosystem, issuing credentials to their users and requesting and verifying data from any user

You can learn more about ZADA or download the app at www.zada.io


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