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8 gift ideas for Mother’s Day

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If you still haven’t an idea what to gift your mom for Mother’s Day, which will fall on 8 May, we got you covered. Here we have compiled a list of memorable yet practical gifts to celebrate the bond between you and your mom.

Lacquerware is one of the 10 Burmese arts and crafts. Beautiful and durable, they can serve as kitchen utensils or decorative items in the living room. The prices range from Ks2,500 to some Ks10,000. The delivery fee is Ks2,000 to anywhere in Yangon.

No 281, Bo Moe Gyo Street, 9 Ward, East Dagon Township (near 7/8 junction), Yangon
09 751 000 378, 09 777 314 211
8am – 7pm

Shop online here

2 Fabrix

Their scarves and shawls are elegant and ageless. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns that reflect Burmese aesthetic culture. The prices are around Ks30,000. Enjoy a 5% discount from 3-6 May.

No 78, Anawratha Road (between 39th and 40th streets), Kyauktada Township, Yangon
09 42830 1111, 09 42830 5555
9am – 5pm
Shop online @ www.fabrixmm.com or their Facebook

Yaw is another Burmese traditional pattern popular among women of every age. Yaw Pyo May says their garments are hand-woven cotton directly come from professional weavers. The prices are around Ks20,000-30,000.

Shop online here
09 42329 4365, 09 887 668 883

Decorate your household shrine with porcelain vases and cups from Xuande. Your mother will remember you and your generosity whenever she prays. Prices range from some thousand kyats to a few hundred thousand.

No 454, Nweni 1st Street, North Oakkalapa Township, Yangon (call before visit)
09 260 991 091, 09 773 044 216
Shop online here

With refreshing scents of Khayae Candles, your mom will be full of energy after a day’s chores. Khayae is a small batch candle brand based in Yangon. They claim to use vegan products that are free from toxins, paraben and phthalate. Prices: Ks17,000–58,000

No 106, First Floor, 42nd St (upper block), Botahtaung Township, Yangon
09 44428 9400
9am – 6pm

Check our list of aromatherapy shops for more options here.

If your mom is a coffee lover, why not let her try Bagan Coffee? Besides normal Arabica and Robusta coffee powder and beans, they also offer sugar-free diabetes-friendly coffee. A bag of Bagan contains ten 25g packets for Ks3,000. You can order directly from their page or via phone 09 95 26 26 307. You may find them at many retail shops and delivery services.

Is your mom into indoor gardening? Then, cute pots for her succulents and poinsettias will undoubtedly make an ideal gift. The prices range from Ks5,000 to Ks15,000. Order via their page or phone 09 2 555 606 50.

If you want to buy new additions to your mom’s indoor garden, this is the place to be. You can buy both the plant and respective pot at the same place. The prices are from Ks5,000-10,000. Delivery is available, too!

No 23, Ground Floor, Sizon Street, Sanchaung, Yangon
09 950 175 959
8:30am – 5:30pm (closed Monday)



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