“Naturalism”, the art of representing Nature with entire simplicity and the perspective of the artist, focuses on people’s accidental, psychological nature and their everyday lives highlighting their tranquility in unison.


Among countless talented naturalist artists in Myanmar, Kyaw Soe is a distinctive one whose artworks are unique for holding the power of capturing the patrons to his own world of woodland.


The paintings always exhale his contentment and solace featuring some small individual figures as products of heredity and environment on them and it’s of a perfect alliance.

The artist usually portrays the forest as people’s friends, benefitting them in their daily lives.  The forest gives shade from the sun, shelter from a storm, a tranquil break from life’s journey.


The diary of Kyaw Soe started off from a central Myanmar village in 1955. Graduated from Zoology major, after devoting himself as a government staff in the Fisheries department, he realized it didn’t interest him as arts. So, he started to take part-time courses to learn the basics and was fortunate to learn under Paw Thame, U Hla Han, and U Lun Gywe, the renowned artists, sharpening his skills throughout many years.


With 35 years of experience, his artworks were shown in 33 different kinds of local and foreign art exhibitions, counting the first solo show in 2017. His artworks possess distinctive tree figures to which he pays close attention and I believe they are the charming points. Following artworks are my favorites among his aesthetic ones and the rest of them can be seen here River Gallery Myanmar. Kyaw Soe

Shanland (1)









During these difficult times in Myanmar, he was one of the artists who didn’t give up their dream and passion for painting and still shared their stunning arts. With expected global health, economic recovery in 2022, hoping that the world of paintings and arts will bloom again and I will conclude this with a quote by the great Vincent Van Gogh.


“ I dream of painting and then I paint the dream ’’



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