Khayae means the Spanish Cherry, the small star-shaped flower which is one of the top-listed popular ones here owing to its graceful scent. From the elderly to toddlers, since all Myanmar people are fond of this flower, I believe the name is already appealing.


Photos are from Khayae home’s Facebook Page.

Khayae Candles


This local brand producing different kinds of scented candles for over 10 months is called Khayae Candles. All of the candles are produced in Yangon and you can purchase them at 5 different stores. Out of them, that one unique picturesque spot could offer the best visit.


Khayae Home, the main pop-up store of Khayae candles which is located at No. 106, 1st floor, 42nd Street, Botahtaung Township is one of the finest colonial buildings in Yangon.


Photos are from Khayae home’s Facebook Page.

The building itself is already over 100 years boasting a mixture of European classical and neoclassical styles. Although this old residential building still offers a good figure, some renovations were undergone earlier this year aiming for a better look.

And I say it’s a great success since the blue semi-circular arched door is notable even from the distance. Since the shop is on the first floor, I walked up the stairs while admiring the lighting and decoration collaborating for a nostalgic atmosphere.


Photos are from Khayae home’s Facebook Page.


The interior embracing the shades of orange salmon, pastel grey, and cloudy blue, looked so graceful with the ceiling lightings. The royal blue-colored shelf displaying the candles was one of the distinctive eye-catching store adornments and the table standing midst of the room was a great idea, too.


Photos are from Khayae home’s Facebook Page.


Among the decors, the big sentimental balcony doors are what I adore the most. They remind me of the buildings from my favorite English series based on a 19th-century timeline. The visit to this shop was worthwhile not only for the products and ambiance but also for the location. You can go around downtown sightseeing easily after this visit.

Opening hours of Khayae Home are 9 AM to 6 PM and you can get all kinds of their products there. They were made only by the hand-pouring method which is good for your health. Since only lead-free and safe materials qualified by The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) were used, the products are cruelty-free.

Khayae Candles Facebook Page –


I also had some conversations exchanged with the founder, Ma Khayae.

Is there anything that inspires you to be a candle maker?

I think it’s always been my endearment to those scented candles. It pushed me and my passion to make local candles with great quality.


How do you ensure the quality of your product?

Since our candles were made at the proper ideal temperatures, the quality can be trusted with their fragrance even before they are ignited.


If you have to recommend one kind of candle to new users, what would it be?

Sea salt will definitely remind you of a morning walk on the beach.


With the rapid global and local economic recovery in 2022, I wish for Khayae home and candles to have the brightest future. 



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