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[Yangon] 6 hospitals receive Covid-19 patients

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As Omicron transmission has been discovered locally, the country is bracing for another potential outbreak. In this list, you will find hospitals for testing and treating Covid-19. Some of them offer a post-Covid healthcare package to monitor your wellbeing after recovering from the disease.


1. Victoria Hospital

It has opened an in-patient ward for Covid-19 patients. You can also receive RDT (Ks20,000) and PCR (Ks190,000) tests from 8am-11am every day. It started offering vaccine booster doses. You can chooe between Sinopharm (Ks40,000) and Sinovac (Ks42,500).

For in-patient ward: 09 420 666 144
For testing: 09 783666140 ~ 7
For vaccine: 09 750 358 906, 09 750 358 901, 09 750 359 056

No 68, Taw Win Road, 9 Mile, Mayangone Township, Yangon




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