Now COVIDPASS has a QR Code that can easily be scanned, even if offline, by a ZADA App.

Since August this year, people vaccinated at Pun Hlaing Hospitals have been able to receive a digital proof of their vaccination, COVIDPASS, distributed over a decentralised ID platform called ZADA, launched in 2021.

With privacy and security in focus, ZADA enables the user to be in full control of his/her own data and credentials. No middle man holds any data and the user can share a credential such as COVIDPASS to organisations after they request it.

The COVIDPASS program was launched to help restore confidence in tourism and in a way that protects the traveller’s privacy and make it reliable for businesses that often face fake certificates. The businesses can verify if the person has been vaccinated, who the issuer is and that the proof has not been altered and is not fake, all thanks to a lot of cryptographic magic and a blockchain.

Amid the potential wave of COVID-19 infections caused by the Omicron variant, ZADA released a new update last week where all COVIDPASS has a QR Code that can easily be scanned, even if offline.

Companies and organisations benefit from this as they can immediately start using the ZADA App for free to scan and verify this QR Code.

Cinemas, bus companies, restaurants, cafes, offices etc would all be potential venues to request proof of vaccination or test results.

“We hope this new QR Code feature will enable employers and businesses to more easily restore confidence and protect both staff and customers”, shares Ms Pyae No No Thaw, Project Manager of the COVIDPASS Program for ZADA Solutions in Myanmar.

See the video shared by ZADA below:


About Pun Hlaing Hospitals Vaccine Centres

COVID-19 vaccinations are open to the public and last week they also launched 3rd Dose (Booster Dose) bookings on

About ZADA

ZADA is Digital ID Technology company and Ecosystem Provider driven to ensure everyone has equal opportunities to benefit from new digital services and offerings in a safe way without risk for fraud or privacy intrusion. Learn more on

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