The 22 years old Sommelier, Nyan Htet Naing, represented Myanmar successfully at the international Young Sommelier Competition in Lyon / France hold by the Chaine des Rotisseurs Siege Mondiale.

Concours internationnal Jeunes Sommeliers 2021 à Lyon

Having graduated as the best student of his class from SMVTI vocational hospitality training school sponsored by the Singaporian Government Nyan Htet Naing was recruited by SEEDS Restaurant & Lounge in Yangon.

Soon he discovered his deep passion for everything liquid and started to self-explore and study always with a strong guidance by his professional coach Lucia Eppisser ( Swiss ) which is a senior Sommeliere, too.

He attended Bartender schools in Myanmar, Zurich and lately in Rome and understands how to play with flavors, textures and scents. His mixology creations are appreciated by professionals, diplomats and high end local and international customers alike.

More and more he was drawn toward wines and developed his knowledge on the job at SEEDS Restaurant and Lounge as well as during the 1 year Sommelier Course hold by the Chaine des Rotisseurs in Yangon. Together with his disciplined studies this moved him forward to a level of confidence to be a qualified Sommelier and he won the first evaluation to be the best young Sommelier in Myanmar in January 2019.

As the first participant ever in the history of Myanmar he represented the country from 9th to 14th November in the very challenging international Young Sommelier Competition in Lyon / France and was ranked 4th as the youngest participant of the candidates. As a member of a non-wine-culture country, this result is an achievement of hard work and studies. Supported by amazing professionals from Switzerland the last couple of months such as winemakers, winetraders and senior Master Sommeliers he was well prepared to travel to Lyon and take up the challenge.

Nyan Htet Naing has big dreams and aims to share his deep knowledge with other young Burmese ambitious professionals. One day in the future he wishes to have his own Wine and Mixology Bar in Yangon to boost the wine and beverage culture in Myanmar.


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