If you are looking for a mandatory flight within these days for work, study, returning to your home country, here is a guide to traveling abroad conveniently.

The Visa & Embassy Process

Most embassies are open across Yangon, and they still provide visas to the applicants. Due to the country’s situation, it is most likely that there will be demonstrators in front of embassies. Therefore, it is recommended to go early and make sure that you have all the documents ready beforehand.  For more details, please always keep an update on the appropriate embassy’s Facebook and website (provided at the bottom of the article).

As for the expatriates who are living in Myanmar and wish to leave the country, it is recommended to contact the embassy or a consulate in Myanmar first for assistance, they will guide you with further information. You can also click citizen services (provide at end of the article) for more information.

Flight Tickets

This is a tricky part of the entire process. Due to the country’s situation and the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no stable information. Therefore, you should always check Facebook for flight information, and recommended sites include Navi Plus, MAI, Sun far, and  Nice Fare.

The flight tickets can only be bought one week before your desired date, and you need to bring VISA with you to buy them. It is highly recommended to buy plane tickets from the travel agencies because they can notify you if your flight has been canceled due to situations.

Do not panic if you couldn’t contact travel agencies, it is usually open for customers if you go straight to their location.

The relief flights are mostly run by Myanmar Airways International (MAI) and Korean Airways. If the flight is canceled, it is not guaranteed to get a refund from MAI, and as for Korean Airways, they will reschedule a flight for you instead of giving you a refund.

PCR Test 

The main testing center for PCR Test (Covid-19) is National Health Laboratory also known as NHL. However, in case the staff are demonstrating for Civil Disobedience Movement by not working, there are alternative testing centers listed below.

The testing centers are opened at 9 am, but it recommended to go early due to the limited documentation and testing kits for each day.

The PCR testing costs MMK 200,000 per person at NHL. Other test centers’ prices may vary.

What you need to bring: Photocopy of both Plane Ticket & Passport  (You need to show them at the gate to get the documentations)

**** IMPORTANT****

Please note that the PCR test result is only valid within 3 days (counted from the day you get your result). If you have transits, it is recommended to get tested the day before your flight and get your test results on the day of your flight. This is because, if you arrived at your destination after 3 days, the PCR test result will no longer be valid. Therefore, the airport check-in counter will not give you the airplane ticket and will ask you to leave.

Testing Centers 

  • National Health Laboratory (NHL) 

    • U Wisara Road, Mawgun Taik Street, Yangon
    • 01 837 1957, 01 371 957
  • Yangon International Airport Cargo Warehouse

    • Pyay Road, After Saw Bwar Gyi Gone Ward  (Near Htann Pin Gone Bus Stop)
  • Pan Hlaing Hospital

    • Pun Hlaing Estate Avenue, Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon
    • Offering RDT test only (for domestic flights), not PCR tests, so have a confirmation with the authorities (the embassy)  if the RDT test would be okay for substitute.
        • MMK 30,000 for Myanmar Citizens, MMK 45,000 for Foreigners
    • Booking here 
    • 09 9400 47757, 01 368 4323, 01 368 4325, 01 368 4336, 01 368 3015, 01 368 3060, 09421 042 679


You will pass by two security checkpoints before you get to the airport. At the first security checkpoint (near airport staff residence),  they will ask you where you are going, and simply say ‘Airport.’ they will open the gate for you.

The second security checkpoint is right before you enter the airport. A couple of police will approach the car and they will ask ‘Why are you here?’. Simply state your airline and your country of destination. They will let you pass.

Passengers arriving hours early to the airport due to the country’s situation

It is recommended to go a few hours before the check-in because there will be protesters along the way and the check-in counters could close early based on the country’s situation.

People waiting outside

Please note that the security won’t let you go inside the airport until the check-in counter is open, and you will have to wait outside. Bring snacks and water since it will take a really long time to wait, and no shops are opened at the airport.

Once it’s time, you will need to show your Flight Booking and Passport before you go to the airport. Then, the passengers will take turns checking their temperatures on the monitor as they are heading in.

** No one is allowed to go inside the airport other than passengers**



The check-in counter will ask for your PCR Test, Visa Document, Passport and Flight Booking, and other related documentation. If you are a student, they will ask for your acceptance letter as proof.

They will take pictures of your documentation, and they will confirm the validity of your PCR Test with the authorities. As mentioned before, if your PCR Test is not valid (arriving at your destination after 3 days), they will ask you to leave the airport.

After they confirm the documents, they will provide the plane ticket to you.


A lot of Burmese people are concerned about immigration since the government is taken by the military. However, there have been no significant changes in immigration.

They will just ask for your passport and visa.


Embassies & Consulates

Australian Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 230 7410

Bangladesh Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph: 01 515 275

Brunei Embassy:  Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 526 985/ 01 503 978​

Cambodian Embassy: Facebook, Website Ph:01 540 964

Canadian Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 384 805

China Embassy: Website  Ph: 01 221 280

Danish Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph: 01 513 627, 0 1 513 740

Egyptian Embassy: Website, Ph: 01 222 886 /222 887

Finland Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph: 01 513 459

French Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 212 520

German Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph: 01 54 89 5/1-2-3

Indian Embassy: Facebook, Website Ph: 01 388 412, 243972

Indonesian Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph: 01 254465, 254469, 229750

Israel Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 515 112-5

Italian Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 7527 100-1

Japan Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph:01-549644~8

Malaysia Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph:01 220 230 / 249 / 251

Nepal Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph: 01 955 7168

Netherlands Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph: 01 231 757 580

Norwegian Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph:01 513 627/ 513 175 / 513 740

Pakistan Embassy:  Website, Ph: 01 222 881

Philipines Embassy: Facebook, Website,  Ph: 01 558-149 to 151

Russia Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph: 01 241 955

Singapore Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 9559 001

South Korea Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 527 142

Sri Lanka Embassy: Website, Citizen Services, Ph:01 8222 812/ 2314 325

Sweden Consulate: Facebook, Website, Email: sektionskansliet.yangon@gov.se

Switzerland Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 230 7465-6-7

Thai Embassy: Facebook, Website, Ph: 01 222 784/ 226 721/ 226 728

Turkish Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 662 992

United States Embassy: Facebook, Website, Citizen Services, Ph: 01 7536 509

Vietnam Embassy: Website, Address-No. 28-29, Kyauk Kone Road, Yankin Township, Yangon, Ph:01 8 566 076


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