Shine a light, shine a light
Shine a light
Oh won’t you shine a light!

So sang Sir Elton. Isn’t it ironic that one can literally find the light in the pandemic-inspired, inky psycho-depths of doom-scrolling? Once again, it was a vague and slothful top-down drag of a lethargic finger that serendipitously led me to the cosmic vibrations of LADY light!

The light this go-round came not only from the product but from the producer, Htet Htet Aung, also known as ​LADY Hand Made Products​. What better time than in the thick of a quasi-lockdown to bring more and more beautiful things into one’s home?! Lanterns, coffee and tea mugs, planters…….Htet Htet has a natural knack for creating simple yet beautiful pieces out of natural materials, and the prices are right. Along with furniture and plants, I am now finding places around my home in which to introduce many of Htet Htet’s handmade creations.

When I saw what Htet Htet was doing with coconut shells, I just had to have some, and – as so often happens – I really wanted to get out there and learn something about the wonderfully creative person behind the cheroot-puffing woman (no relation) featured on the LADY Facebook page.

Robert: Hey, can we meet for an interview?
Htet Htet: Yeah.

When I went to visit Htet Htet, I expected to find a woman who had been doing this for years. Her online presence exuded that confidence that comes from being an ‘old hand’ at something — in this case, at selling her products online. I couldn’t have possibly looked more surprised when Htet Htet told me she had only been making and selling these gorgeous little pieces for four months. As I was to learn, there is a lot more behind the story of LADY Hand Made Products than meets the scrolling eye.

Let’s meet this LADY, Htet Htet Aung. A lifelong resident of Yangon, Htet Htet holds a university degree in English and has been involved in the tourism guide business, along with her genial husband Tobias, for a number of years. As with everyone else involved in the guide business, COVID has beaten folks up one side and down the other, but Htet Htet gathered herself up and determined not to let the situation get the better of her. She took up her design skills and crafty eye and started creating these beautiful pieces of decor using locally sourced coconut shells. She loves, also, that her business helps support others in her rural neighborhood, as she buys everything she needs from her neighbors; a great reminder to us all that when we buy local and choose artisanal, we are actually helping a chain of local people who are struggling to sell what they can during these trying times.

Though COVID is what forced Htet Htet to begin working with her hands and her creativity, it turns out that she enjoys it so much that, even after the tourists come back and her guide business fires up again, she will continue on with LADY. She has received orders recently from as far away as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, and does have a shipping network in place for Europe (think ‘great gifts!’ for your EU family and friends!). A relaxing of COVID flight restrictions will open up other areas of the world to direct shipping as well, and products are easily delivered anywhere in Myanmar.

In this ‘Behind the Curtain’ series, I find repeatedly that the creators of beautiful things are always such a pleasure to meet and to buy from. Htet Htet is no exception. A delightful spirit who loves her family, dancing, singing, traveling, and meeting new people from around the world, Htet Htet is someone you want to know. Not only have I ordered LADY’s products, I am ecstatic to have met such a kind and adventurous soul who can one day guide me on adventures around Myanmar and, with her German husband, can also advise on travels around Europe. If you’re looking for some beautiful decor for your home (including custom carvings), at prices that make it very easy to put beautiful light all around you and to fill those dark spaces during these days of staying in, here’s how you can reach out to Htet Htet.

You will see that her online shop also carries locally sourced cosmetics and other items of keen interest

Light up, everybody!
Join us in this celebration!
Light up and be happy!
~ Styx


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