Since the pandemic outbreak, a lot of business leaders and role models have been stepping up their game, coming up with new ideas to still push through facing a new normal. Ms Htoo Thant Sin, the founder of Bay Dar & Co., Ltd, Panellist Business Services and Tenacity Academy, has been paying attention to how to organise her businesses even before the pandemic situation and she managed to adapt to the restrictions post-lockdown and keep on going with her business while a lot faced challenges.

Bay Dar flowers do not grow alone, they grow together 

Founder with Handicraft

Bay Dar & Co., Ltd started with one main goal – to represent Myanmar’s rich culture and tradition by a series of handmade arts and crafts created by local artisans. The name itself has a meaning, Bay Dar, also known as the water hyacinth, is known for its aesthetic beauty and how they grow and spread vigorously in groups. This implicit idea is implemented in their mission as an inclusive business model which is to support developing artisans from all parts of the country. Bay Dar has also accomplished their goal to spread their products internationally to the US, Japan, Germany, Italy with online services just before the pandemic outbreak.

It was obviously a shock for most businesses when the pandemic outbreak occurred out of the blue. However, Bay Dar was one of those who didn’t give up and instead brainstormed creative ideas. Their latest product exhibits masks that are carefully crafted with genuine Burmese fabrics. Despite Burmese fabrics having larger pores than usual, the team spent a lot of time testing different materials to ensure quality. They have experimented with their cotton masks with different tests by blowing out a lit candle or examining water leakage. Bay Dar flowers do not grow alone, they grow together. The mask project itself has given artisans a chance to showcase their craft again and be supported thanks to the customers.

Since the lockdown, people have been spending their time more at home and many have become aware of the small changes they want to make to their household. Bay Dar has got it covered with their interior styling services. The team receives exact details of measurements and layouts for interior decorations and tries their best to meet their clients’ expectations through regular updates and communication. They understand that designs are not complete without colours and discuss the needs of the clients either via online or a short meeting for absolute satisfaction. The team’s connections with local furniture suppliers maximise their potential of interior decorations. Curtains, cushion covers, coasters, furniture appliances. You name it, they got it.

Quality takes time and in order to avoid any mistakes, Bay Dar has its own guidelines for the best results. Behind every product customers receive, there is a sensible meaning and it tries to make customers aware of the meaning and how much of an impact they make on artisans’ lives by enjoying the products they create. Above all of that, Bay Dar flowers survive whether it’s raining cats and dogs or when they are under scorching hot Sun. No matter how hard the journey is, Bay Dar & Co,.Ltd will always keep on reaching new heights.

Supporting organisations to grow

PBS Team Meeting

Also run under Ms Htoo Thant Sin is Panellist Business Services, building on her passion and organising skills. Panellist Business Services has supported companies during the pandemic outbreak on the most efficient guidelines to tackle the “work from home” challenges. Moreover, Panellist has been leading the HR strategies of 11 big Myanmar companies and business organisations with over 4,000 employees, executing business plans and implementing ideas for improvement.

Panellist business services help raise the standards of a business organisation through HR consulting, HR outsourcing and Corporate Training And Solutions. During a pandemic situation when a lot of companies are struggling with their revenues and employees, a strategic HR plan is essential to anchor the company’s originality and get back on track.

One of Panellist’s main services includes HR Consulting in areas such as HR frameworks and strategic workforce plans and detailed analysis of the company’s HR department. HR Outsourcing is another package offered to businesses taking care of payroll calculation and attendance monitoring. According to the company’s condition, Panellist can join the HR department to support the whole system and lift its standards to reach its fullest potential. Additionally, Corporate Training And Solutions is a very important assistance that helps the development of a company with training courses and tutorials to employees on all levels.

During this year, the pandemic outbreak made many companies face a downwards curve. With restrictions and work from home situations, communication between coworkers have also been hit hard and that is why Panellist started a new project for their busy clients who have trouble putting every piece back together. The Virtual HR Support Program by Panellist checks off all the three services they are offering in the list in one package.

An example of how support is given to employees during the outbreak can be seen in their own sister company Bay Dar. With employees from all parts of the country, communication had to be very proactive. Bay Dar managed to adapt quickly and use technology to maximise their economic performances with new ideas and projects. With such experiences and motivation, Panellist Business Services is confident it can take any business to the top and fulfil its potential.


Panellist Business Services

  • Myanmar Employer Awards 2018 – “Best Use of Rewards and Recognition- Silver”

Bay Dar & Co

  • Myanmar Employer Awards 2020 – “SME of the Year – Silver”
  • Myanmar Employer Awards 2020 – “Most Effective Recruitment Strategy for Talent Attraction – Bronze”
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