Unless you’re living with a pastry chef, you’re going to need some sugar reinforcements. These sweet online businesses bring you cakes, puddings and ice cream to ease your sugar cravings. Here are some tips in Yangon!

1My Taste by Thae

A online pastry shop by one of the most famous celebrities in Myanmar, Zin Thae Naing. She offers unique designs for the cakes and has a variety from eclairs to garlic cheese breads. The cakes reflect the creativity and stylishness she embodies. The little plant pot in the photo, for example, is in fact a chocolate mousse cake. You can enjoy it for just Ks3,500!

Contact information: Facebook page

2TJ’s Dolci

A locally crafted homemade bakery that offers delivery service. Their menu currently has varieties of brownies and doughnuts. Their brownies starting from the price of 9,300 kyats for one box of three brownies and doughnuts starting from the price of 2,800 kyats for one box of four doughnuts.

Contact Information: TJ’s Dolci on Instagram and Facebook 

Telephone : 09 782 228599

3Wave Desserts

is an online pastry shop that sells French Pastries. Their menu currently has two desserts; Millie Deuillie and Hungarian Crepes. Check out a more thorough description in our recent article about these desserts. They also provide pick up service for free & delivery service in Yangon for 3,000 kyats. The Millie Feuillie comes in a box of six pieces for 9,000 kyats.

Contact Information: wavedesserts on Instagram and Facebook

4Pe’s of Cake

A home bakery service which sells pastries and desserts. Their signature dessert is known is Macrons which is a fancier and a bigger version of Macarons, the starting price for four pieces is 6,000 kyats. They currently offer nine different flavors for the Macaron, including Dalogona and Cheese. They have delivery and pick up available.

Contact Information: Pe’s of Cake on Instagram and Facebook
Telephone: 09789308928


is a dessert shop that sells cupcakes and basque burnt cheesecake. Their shop offers two different flavors of cupcake: cream cheese and red velvet, basque burnt cheesecake, twelve flavors of dacquoise, and two different flavors of tiramisu: original & matcha green tea.

Contact Information: _es.cake on Instagram and escakemm on Facebook
Telephone : +959786089026

6Cake and Bake Myanmar

An online bakery shop in Mandalay and Yangon. They accept orders for a celebration such as birthdays, parties, and anniversaries. They offer many varieties of cake and cupcakes flavors and cake pops.

Contact Information: Cake and Bake on Instagram and Facebook
Telephone : +959781818181
Email: [email protected]


is an online dessert shop which they offer delivery and pick up points. They have a diverse menu which they offer: Burnt Cheesecake, Signature Brownies, Oreo Mattress, Chocolate Molten Lava, Durian Molten Lava, Mango Pudding, and Coffee Jelly.

Contact Information: Carvery on Instagram and Facebook
Telephone: 09885111819

8Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret offers a nice variety of premium home-made baked goods, often for different themes and holidays.


9The Cookie Jar

All about cookies. Baked to order, so you can be sure that they will arrive sweet and fresh. Their goal is to provide people in Myanmar with a healthier sweet treat by using natural, locally sourced ingredients.

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