Rumours and even an announcement from MNA points to domestic flights starting on the 16th of December.

However, what is not clear is if any restrictions have changed, especially for Yangon residents that are eager to travel. Likely covid-19 tests before the trip, documentation and even quarantine will be required if you want to head over to for example Thandwe and Ngapali beach.

Yesterday evening the State Counsellor Office announced:

Despite the spread of the disease, we have relaxed some restrictions in the areas which are not included under stay-at-home orders and in some sectors as we are trying for the situation to return to normal quickly. For example, we are working for the resumption of domestic flights in line with healthcare rules and guidelines. We will enforce the rules. We are also planning to allow both inbound and outbound flights. It will also be implemented as early as possible. Resumption of flights, transportation and travel are aimed for immediate recovery of development. We will reopen the factories and workshops. The reopening of restaurants will be allowed in the areas without stay-at-home orders in accordance with healthcare rules. Therefore, if people want to be free from restrictions, it is important to follow the rules strictly. Therefore, our people, especially in Yangon, are requested to help the country in the containment of COVID-19. Wishing you good health and well-being.


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