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Self Care for the Elections

While the whole world seems to be watching the US elections, Myanmar has its own elections to look forward to. No matter what our political stance or nationality, we are likely to have some increased emotions this week as we watch things unfold.

It’s not fun to ride the roller coaster of emotions that the media and our daily lives can often set up for us. So what can we do to care for our own mental and emotional health during these elections?

  1. Practice unconditional positive regard – remember that we are all human and we are all doing our best with the information we have. Let go of judgment and accept others regardless of their opinions.
  2. Put yourself first – take the time to process your emotions whether its through writing, speaking, creating something, or another method that works for you. Set aside time for this each day.
  3. Set boundaries – decide what you do and do not want to see on your social media or TV. You can curate your content by using the “unfollow” function on Facebook without removing friends. You know your own limits best.
  4. Enforce your boundaries – speak up if friends or colleagues insist on talking about subjects you are not comfortable discussing. You are responsible for yourself, so instead of accusing others of “triggering” you, make sure you are taking care of your own needs.
  5. Get proper rest – when the brain is sleep deprived it is more reactive and less prepared to deal with emotions. It may be tempting to stay up all night watching election news, but the news will still be there when you wake up.
  6. Remember the mind, body, spirit connection – take care of all parts of yourself. Often when we are stressed we don’t feel the natural inclination toward things that are healthy for us like healthy food, exercise, or meditation, but its important to continue them.
  7. Think critically and discern – instead of accepting everything you see at face value, consider alternative possibilities. A lot of “news” seems to be about predicting possible outcomes instead of reporting what has happened. Discern what you want to believe and what resonates for you.

These are just a few simple tips to help you take care of yourself during these elections. Feel free to comment below if you have additional ideas to share!



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