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Guide to the 2020 Myanmar Elections Day

It has been four years, and after the US election this week it is on Sunday November 8th time for Myanmar’s Election! For a detailed coverage and excellent reporting of the election, check out Frontier. Meanwhile, here is a quick guide to what how the election day will be organised and who the different parties are.

About the election day

The 2020 Myanmar election is going to be different than the previous elections. One of the reasons being the Covid-19 pandemic, and the other reason is that this year the goal is to make the election fair and square, however, observers and media is questioning it such as this article from Foreign Policy – “Myanmar’s Elections Won’t Be Free or Fair“.

With COVID-19 the safety of the citizens during the elections has been a big concern. This was mitigated by holding early elections from October 29 for the elderly (ages 60 and above) who were under stay-at-home orders as well as citizens under Covid-19 restrictions according to the Union Election Commission (UEC). Among the early voters included State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and the President of Myanmar, Win Myint. These early elections were to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the population of voters during the general elections.

As for the general elections, the Health and Ministries of Myanmar stated that they have organized a safety guaranteed procedure that would take approximately 6-7 minutes at most, and there will be 4 polling stations for every polling place. The election commission staff members nationwide are not tested for COVID-19, but the security guards are tested negatively in order to work. They will also be wearing protective clothing and equipment for healthcare workers.

Although people won’t be able to vote at all in many districts in various states, the districts that were eligible to vote were more than the 2010 and 2015 elections acording to UEC.

Here is what you need to know for the people that are eligible to vote this year.

  • The election commission announced that citizens should avoid wearing any clothes or accessories that have images of parties near certain areas that are meant for elections.
  • Unlike previous elections, there won’t be any cancelation of votes due to wrong procedures. For the reasons that there was no voter education due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • The security staff will not let anyone in without a mask and sanitizing the hands

The Different Political Parties, Candidates & Missions

  • National League for Democracy (NLD)
    • Candidate: Aung San Suu Kyi
    • Mission Summary:
      • Develop the current Democracy Federal Union and to receive domestic peace. To change the long-established federal laws to the appropriation of democracy by developing, removing, and creating new laws.
  • The Union Solidarity and Development Party(USDP)
    • Candidate: Than Htay
    • Mission Summary:
      • Develop on the protection
      • Encourage citizens to develop an admiration for the power of modernized armed forces. Help citizens participate in the protection and safety of the country.
  • People’s Pioneer Party (PPP)
    • Candidate: Thet Thet Khaing
    • Mission Summary:
      • Develop the relationship between the citizens and the military.
      • To systematically hand over the legislative and administrative duties of the military to the government, and to participate in public-centered development and protection from natural disasters.
  • Union Betterment Party (UBP)
    • Candidate: Shwe Man
    • Mission Summary :
      • Organize and arrange the improvement of citizen’s lifestyles such as Living, Heath, Education, Housing, Owning a personal car, and comfortable travels for the public.
  • People’s Party (PP)
    • Candidate: Ko Ko Gyi
    • Mission Summary:
      • To contribute towards ‘Eternity Peace’ as a country mission, and make sure there will not be any violence within this period of contribution.
  • Kachin State People’s Party (KSPP)
    • Candidate: Manam Tu Ja
    • Mission Summary:
      • To ultimately contribute toward everlasting Hydropower
  • Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD)
    • Candidate: Kun Tun Oo
    • Mission Summary:
      • Cooperation in speeches, goals, and purposes within similar parties and groups as well as cooperating and discussing with other parties and groups as much as possible.
  • Arakan National Party (ANP)
    • Candidate: Tha Thun Hla
    • Mission Summary:
      • Enlighten about Democracy
      • Contributing the country toward the end of violence and the ability to move toward a culture of proper discussion, and contribution toward the safety of citizen’s properties and peaceful lifestyle under the regulations of Democracy.
  • Mon Unity Party (MUP)
    • Candidate: Naing Tin Aung
    • Mission Summary:
      • To energetically contribute to the end of violence and war nationwide, the development of peace, and building relationships between mankind using various methods.
      • Contribution in encouraging people to solve with meetings and discussions rather than with violence and war.
  • Chin National League for Democracy(CNLD)
    • Candidate: Ngaing Sawg
    • Mission Summary:
      • Contribution toward the protection of discrimination against religion regarding The National Register of Citizens (NRC), Government Working Permits, School and University Applications, Private Working Permits.


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