Seeds is not only seen as one of the absolute best restaurants in Yangon, but it is also run by Lucia and Felix who are the ones driving this excellence in everything they touch. A visit to Seeds is a journey that affects all your senses, from the decoration and view to the service and the food. So how to achieve this when you cannot open the restaurant for guests?

Seeds offer Fine Dining at your home with their concept MICHELIN STAR LEVEL @ YOUR OWN PRIVATE HOME. Its menu offers several choices and options, ranging from a USD 33 Lunch to a USD 72 Anniversary dinner with cake.

I opted for two three-course dinners priced at USD 44 per person.

Fresh red Tuna wrapped in Asparagus
Quail Egg, Mustard Sauce, fresh herbs and Micro green
Angus Beef cubes with green Pepper and Mushrooms
Organic Vegetable and Shan potatoes
Panna Cotta with Norwegian Mulberries,
Peanut crackers


Home Marinated Norwegian Salmon
Soya, lemon, Dijon Mustard and Horseradish
Crab Tortellini
lobster foam with prawn cubes
Swiss Chestnut Mousse with Meringue Vanilla ice cream Mignardises
and SEEDS chocolates

We were offered the options of having it ready-made and delivered, or prepared by the chef in our home. Curious to try we invited the chef and it came with no extra fee.

Chef Jack is sous-chef de cuisine at Seed and he has been there for three years.

Chef Jack added to the dining experience. Friendly and professional he did a fantastic job to bring the Seeds experience to our home. He brought everything with him and took over the kitchen for the two hours the dinner lasted. He cooked, prepared, served and cleaned. The only things that remained were some of the delicious gravies we managed to save and the fresh bread!

How about the dinner itself? Maybe I have been in lock-down for too long but only one word came to mind – FANTASTIC. Every item touched was delicious and it brought back the memory why Seeds is such a great restaurant.

The bread and appetizers are nice extras, tasteful pieces of different varieties.

The two starters chosen were both fish – Fresh Red Tuna and Marinated Norweigan Salmon. Beautifully prepared, lot of flavours.

For main we selected Crab Tortellini and Angus Beef cubes. Two very different dishes but fabulous in their own right. The Crab Tortellini was fresh, and great looking, with a wonderful taste of the crab meat inside and from the lobster foam poured over. Orange pieces gave a sweetness that stood out and tickled your senses. The Angus Beef Cubes, on the other hand, were probably among the best meat I can remember to have had…together with the sauce I finished it of so fast that I even missed the Potatoe Gratin it was served with. But I could enjoy this as a dish by itself instead, with a great flavor of the garlic inside and the cheese on top.

Extremely satisfied from the main dishes, Chef Jack surprised us serving a Panna Cotta with Norwegian Mulberries and a Swiss Chestnut Mousse with Meringue Vanilla ice cream Mignardises and SEEDS chocolates.

Even though we went for only the three dishes it still left us with a satisfied and happy feeling. Well recommended for a special occasion at home.


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