A recent startup The Cookie Jar launched 3 months ago at the start of the second lockdown in Yangon. The cookies are homemade and freshly baked using natural ingredients and locally produced food, providing a healthier option of desserts for the locals. 

The Cookie Jar aims to educate people to make healthier and smarter choices in food particularly when it comes to treats and desserts. The menu provides information about ingredients so that the customers are aware of what goes into the food they eat. They are also partnering and collaborating with other organizations like Journeys YGN to spread knowledge about food. Who knew education could start with a cookie!

Raspberry White Chocolate

*New Item*, 1400 Ks

The rich, sweet, and savory smell matches the appetizing appearance of the cookie. The combination of raspberries and white chocolate is an authentic mixture of ingredients. The sweetness and crunchy raspberries go well with the white chocolate. This Raspberries White Chocolate will bring out a new experience in cookies for you.

Triple Chocolate

*Top Seller*, 1400ks

Triple Chocolate is PERFECT for chocoholics! As you bite down, melted chocolates complete the decadent gooeyness of the cookie. The triple chocolate consists of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate, and it goes well with a cup of coffee. This 3 in 1 chocolate cookie is what you are looking for.

Cranberries & Coconuts

*Top Seller*, 1400ks

With a soft base, crunchy berries, and oats it has the ideal match of texture. The organic coconut flakes on the top, cranberries, and melted white chocolates give you a new taste of sweetness in cookies you haven’t tried before. It is a suitable choice of a cookie if you are looking for non-overpowering sweetness and a healthier option.

Rocky Road

*Top Seller*, 1700ks

Just like its name, the texture is rocky and adventurous. As soon as you bite down, it bursts with a mix of interesting flavours. The earthy flavour from peanuts, soft stretchy texture from marshmallows, rocky texture from biscuit, gooey melted milk chocolate, and crunchy salted caramel. If you are looking for something new, this is the way to go!

Owner’s Recommended Pick: Coconut Banana

*Owner Top Pick*, 1400ks 

You can taste the freshness and organic of the cookie right away. It brings your palates beyond the expectations and brings out the complexity of the simple Banana Coconut Cookie. It consists of Fresh Banana, Organic Coconut, and Milk Chocolate. Once you have a bite, you will understand why the owner recommended this cookie.

Contact Information:

You can only order The Cookie Jar on Facebook or by a phone call.

FB: The Cookie Jar, Replies swiftly on Messenger

Contact Number: 09 975 400991

Payment options

It is currently Cash on Delivery, but The Cookie Jar is working on online payments through KBZ Pay and Credit Card Payments for large orders in the future.

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