Drinks make good times better and bad times bearable. Yangon bars and restaurants are trying their best to offer the most creative cocktails and concoctions through delivery amid the strict stay-at-home order. If you’re looking for new options to stock up your cabinet, take a look at this list. 

1Generation Z Rum

Proudly made in Myanmar, the rum contains 40 per cent alcohol and comes in four sizes. You can order via their Messenger and delivery fees may vary depending on the distance. You may find different ways to concoct rum-based cocktails on their Facebook and meals to pair with through their collaborations with restaurants like Gekko and The Chicken.

2RTH Express

Rangoon Tea House is one of the restaurants that always seem to have one card up the sleeve. Since the first lockdown in April, it has launched an online store, RTH Express. It collaborated with Burbrit and started its own beer brand. If you’re looking for something stronger, why not try the bottled negroni. You can order via Messenger or call 09 979 078681. 

3HAPA Coffee & Cocktail

Started on the right foot with a pay-as-you-feel concept, this small bar is now a familiar name among Yangon diners looking for fancy yet affordable drinks. It offers coffee strong enough to kick you out of the bed and cocktails ideal for a nightcap. Shop here


Indulge yourself with its series of cocktails “Quarantini”. The Quarantini Volume 2 has nine drinks. Or try its new menu which is a line of naked cocktails. Also, the bittersweet bad boys from Negroni Week are now available on the menu for takeaway and delivery. DM or call 09 9797 99978 and order one day in advance.

5Burbrit Brewery

The first microbrewery in Myanmar, Burbrit delivers its crafted beer cans directly to your doorstep, cooled and packed in ice boxes. They come in six-pack and it’s Ks12,000 per pack for the whole month of October. Choose from four flavours and order any two packs to enjoy free delivery. DM or call 09 774 734 774 or 09 950 962 119 for the next day delivery.

If you want to buy in bottle:

Cellar Door Wine Bistro
Facebook: Cellar Door Wine Bistro (10% discount)
Phone: 09 772 279690

The Warehouse Myanmar
Facebook: The Warehouse Myanmar (20% to 35% discount)
Phone: 01 536 306

Mr. Liquor
Facebook: Mr.Liquor (Airport duty free bottles available for pre-order)
Phone: 09779090910

Facebook: Volume
Phone: 09 969 791970

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