We are collecting all the exciting online concepts coming up in our MYANMORE Market. Each week we feature some nice concepts to try out! 

1Sharky’s Online Shop

Since 1996, Sharky’s has been rigorously dedicated to providing patrons with foods crafted from only the best quality, and whenever possible, local Myanmar ingredients. Full menus available online including Roast Duck by Sharky’s Yangon Roast, Rotisserie slow-roasted chicken, Pizza, Burger, Hotdogs, Sandwiches and mund much more!



Provide home-cooked, affordable, clean healthy safe delicious restaurant-grade gourmet style meals – slow-cooked precisely to perfections.


3Two Brothers

Two Brothers is a new restaurant, which accepts pre-order one day prior. They offer juicy and crispy roasted duck and chicken which also has an amazing aroma. Alongside these dishes, they also offer pudding as a dessert. Check out their Facebook for more information.


4Mushroom Kitchen

They provide a food menu targetting repatriates, locals & expatriates. No mSG and making everything themselves they focus on the value and price.


5Kyaw Gyi

Kyaw Gyi is a new fruit and snack shop recently opened, attracting customers with a delicious mixture of colourful fruits and their amazing graphics on Facebook. They sell fruits with a mix of Burmese culture by adding spices to the fruits.





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