How do you lease an apartment from afar? Lockdown limits our ability to inspect properties, particularly in a different township. Expats are beginning to return home and need an apartment secured before landing. Virtual Tours of Apartments are providing a solution that allows tenants to view apartments from afar through Properties In Yangon.

While in many countries, Australia, UK, the technology is being established, in Yangon Virtual Tours are just emerging.

“The simplicity of being able to get a grasp on the internal space of a property can really help you understand if this is the home for you,” said Wai May Kyaw.

“Virtual tours are perfect for oversea returnees or those under lockdown. Being able to take a tour around the potential property can save people a lot of stress and anxiety,”.

With Covid-19 cases barely under control, we may face tighter government controls on movement, moving could get tougher.

“We are currently exploring the technology so viewing online will always be an option, particularly in emergencies,” said Wai May Kyaw.

In Australia, many agents are relying on phones or video cameras. Others are taking a huge leap using 3D helmets.

“While it’s exciting, we know that without approaching the online world with professionalism our industry will be open to rorts.”

Currently, there are no standard rights for tenants.  “With some agents, you get the sense that their priority is money and they don’t care about the quality of the property for the tenant.”

“If we are moving towards a heavier reliance on Virtual Tours, we believe that any additional risks to the tenants should be covered in the lease,” said Wai May Kyaw.  “Our tenant/landlord agreement has been strengthened to cover repairs to equipment such as air conditioning servicing, water pump and so on.”

In Yangon every street can throw up something unique.  You may live in the best suburb, but one section can be rough, noisy, or isolated.  Only wandering through the neighbourhood can you pick up some of the subtleties, both the good and bad.

That’s the challenge facing tenants, can you rely on Virtual Tours to provide a realistic sense of a property?

“Inside the apartment, if we chose to, we could focus only on the selling point, the photo ads.  We could ignore the water stain on the ceiling or the balcony door that’s jammed.  I did an inspection recently, it was a lovely apartment but smelt vile, there was definitely something bad with the sewerage.”

“We are stepping into Virtual Tours but we won’t fully commit unless we can guarantee to tenants an honest, fair and professional service.  It’s something we welcome the industry to discuss. Still we would advise clients that before you sign to do a proper inspection, if possible”.

For More Information contact: Wai May Kyaw, Properties In Yangon


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