According to the latest update from MOHS as of Sunday, September 20th: All townships in the Yangon region are now subject to a ‘Stay at home’ order.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone in public
  • Only one person per household is allowed to go for grocery shopping
  • Only two persons are allowed for hospital or clinic visits
  • Travelling by own car is only allowed for one driver and one passenger for purposes such as shopping, and one driver plus two passengers if for medical reasons


  • All government staffs and officials are to works 2 weeks and then off 2 weeks
  • All company employees must work from home
  • All CMP, construction, raw materials and manufacturing business are to be closed from 24th September until 7th October
  • Worker or staffs from Bank, petrol station, food retailer, meat factory, pharmacy and pharmaceutical factories, water supply and daily essentials products manufacturers are only exempt from this order
This Stay at Home order takes effect Monday, September 21st at 8 am until further notice.
There will be check-points and enforcement of this order, and failure to follow will lead to prosecution.

How does this affect you if outside of Yangon and want to come back?

Entering into Yangon will is not a problem with the car. Just a fever check. However, being this is a “stay at home” order, every in and out into the townships and wards will be carefully watched so you might need to consider contact with the ward.

Anything to add? Please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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