As part of our Online Festivals Series in collaboration with Exploration Travel we share a short story and pictures about each festival that is supposed to take place but cannot due to COVID-19, and invite you to add your own pictures, stories and memories of the festival.

Manuha Pagoda Festival in Bagan, Myanmar – 30 September to 2 October 2020

Manuha Pagoda Festival is normally held in Bagan for three days starting from one day before Full Moon Day of Tawtalin (the dates vary depending on the Myanmar Calendar).

The Myinkaba region dwellers donate rice cakes and pickled winter melon to the visitors during the festival. This traditional practice is said to have descended from the time of the King Manuha and can still be seen at the festival today.

Monks gather during the festival to receive food offerings in big alms bowl around the Pagoda. Colourful paper-maché figures competitions take place during the Manuha Pagoda Festival and you will see hundreds of figures wander around the city in a parade with vivid and lovely embellishments of pictures of the Manuha King himself, tigers, cows, elephants Stallions and more.

Have you visited this festival in the past and have more pictures? Please do upload them here to share the memory and to encourage people not to forget about this festival.


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