COVID-19 Updates 

12 new cases have been confirmed this morning, putting the total number at 787.

One of them lives in Mingalardon Township. He came back from Rakhine State recently and therefore has been quarantined since his return. The rest are from Rakhine.

About 100 people from Hlaing Township have been tested since they had travelled to Rakhine in the past week, wrote the township MP on his Facebook.

So far 14 Yangon residents that came back from Rakhine have been tested positive for the virus. In addition, Yangon has 10 other positive cases that don’t have recent travel histories.

Confusion in the restroom

On 28 August, a 20-something woman was accused of attacking a senior citizen with a knife in the restroom at the CityMart branch on Yaykyaw Street. The woman was arrested and the older lady is now hospitalised, according to her daughter. 

But there is inconsistency in what the older lady’s daughter said and the media reported. The daughter said it was an attempt to rob her mother’s necklace. The press reported quoting the police that the accused acted in anger because the older lady scolded her for forgetting her phone in the restroom. The woman is charged with armed violence. 

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