Tomorrowland, the world’s biggest EDM festival, has since it was first held in 2005, given people one of the best electronic dance music experiences each and every year. It is known for its out-of-the-world stage production and taking everyone on a magical adventure. Ravers and party people from all around the world to celebrities, philanthropists and inspirations would gather at the stage in Boom, Belgium, and dance through two weekends as they’ve never before. 

1Adopting to COVID-19

Due to the complications of COVID19, it was sad news for all the EDM lovers across the world that Tomorrowland 2020 was cancelled. However, the organisation had some other plan in mind.

A two-day digital music festival not in Boom, but on the magical island of Pāpiliōnemon the 26th and 27th of July (Asia Pacific region). They just made history by creating a realistic 3D island gathering the best of Tomorrowland accessible by a smartphone, tablet or computer.

I was there myself enjoying all the sick beats and the spectacular experience. Guess what? I didn’t even need any special gadgets like VR goggles. All I had was my computer.

After I signed up for a Tomorrowland account and logged in to the festival, I was taken to a magically realistic looking 3D island. Having read that the whole digital island was created in just a few months, I was mesmerised by the design of such a detailed and spectacular view of a digital island despite it being easily able to access on the web.

2The Main Stage

The main stage, just like every Tomorrowland Festival, is where ravers would definitely go. There were altogether four different large green screen studios in Belgium (Boom), USA (Los Angeles), Brazil (Sao Paolo) and Australia (Sydney) where over 60 artists performed. With quality EDM and famous DJs, the main stage never fails to give a chance for the ravers to live up the hype. The main stage was decorated with schedules and the name of the DJ that’s playing the current song. If you felt like the main stage is not playing your favourite music, you could easily travel to other stages on the island under different record labels.

3Food Recipes by Tastes of the World 

There’s no way you can forget about food if you’re going to rave for two days straight and Tomorrowland got this covered by providing you with a booth where you can watch and learn to cook delicious party food to snack on while you vibe to the music.

4Cocktail Area by ABSOLUT

Of course, a drink always goes well with something tasty to chew on. Who wouldn’t have a favourite drink in their hand at a party? Cocktail Area by Absolut provided the drink lovers with the best drinks and mixes recipes you can easily make at home.

5The Great Library 

If you want some rest or a little bit of brain refresher, The Great Library is where you go to. In The Great Library, there were quizzes to work your brain and test your love for EDM. It was definitely a fun experience.

6The Inspiration Sessions

The Inspiration Sessions include exclusive videos of the 16 famous figures across the globe that struggled from the bottom to make it to the top and be worldwide famous and finally make it as a celebrity and rave on the main stage of Tomorrowland before thousands of people. The speeches were quite motivational making me realise how much it takes for someone to become well-recognised and respected by a lot of people.

7TML by Tomorrowland Store

Just like how there would have been a store for exclusive and limited items in the real festival. Tomorrowland created an online store on the island for anyone who loves to collect items designed by TML. Even 3D printed sunglasses made out of recycled PET cups collected at Tomorrowland 2019 are in stock!

8The Sound of Tomorrow

The Sound of Tomorrow was what really amazed me about Tomorrowland. Not only is Tomorrowland for EDM lovers but also for our young DJ enthusiasts, ones that will take over the EDM culture in the future. The Sound of Tomorrow is a DJ competition of aspiring DJs across Europe chosen by Pepsi and Tomorrowland to enter. The Sound of Tomorrow destination included inspiring stories and unique tips or trick for our DJ hobbyists to learn.

The People of Tomorrow

Another destination that really attracted me was “The People of Tomorrow”. The People of Tomorrow is where you can leave a message for the feelings you had during your first digital music festival. Example messages of users around the world are shown just so that you have a basic idea of what message to write.


Of course, it will be hard to party the same or feel the same as if you were in Tomorrowland. Nevertheless, we should take our time to appreciate how the world has been coming together and creating unbelievable things just to prove that the pandemic isn’t the end and Tomorrowland’s first digital music festival was a proof. Not to mention, there were over a million viewers from Japan to Mexico, Iceland and Myanmar!

Did you miss the festival? Don’t you worry! People who bought a weekend ticket will have the chance to revisit the island and enjoy all the individual DJ sets for two weeks from Wednesday, July 29. People can also still buy a separate ticket for the Relive platform (€12,50) via

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