Rasa Sayang is a new Singaporean Peranakan snack concept in Yangon!

Do you like Curry Puffs? We got our hands on three types: The red ones are Spicy Mala, the green ones are Sardine Onion and the normal ones are Curry Chicken. There is also a vegetarian option now.

Rich in flavour and taste they will fill you up. Also nice to have as a snack in the afternoon together with a cup of tea.

24,000ks (12 Puffs)
46,000ks (24 Puffs)

Order directly from their Facebook page for delivery.

Do you wonder what Peranakan snacks are? Peranakan cuisine comes from the Peranakans, descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca. They gave rise to Peranakan interpretations of Malay/Indonesian food that is similarly tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal.


See the menu here


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