House of Bread is a French artisanal bakery cafe inspired by the French boulangerie. They offer different varieties of European bread alongside freshly customized coffee beans. The shop’s interior and exterior it doing its best to be an authentic-looking French bakery in town, giving off a mix of modern yet vintage vibe. The atmosphere was cozy yet the aroma of the fresh pastries and coffee made the shop smell amazing.

The bread and the pastries in the shop, we were told, are made by chefs and bakers trained by Japanese traditional craftsmen with imported machinery and ingredients, and even the mineral water is imported to get that special texture for hard bread. I can’t guarantee that it tastes exactly like the bread in Europe but the texture of the hard bread and the flavoring is quite appealing to my taste.  A heads up for the locals is that the bread’s texture and the taste are mostly targeted to the taste that foreigners would like, its taste might come off as unusual or different compared to other bakeries in Yangon.  

Their House of Bread baguette is a favourite. Their next bestseller would be Croque Monsieur – which is an oven-baked Campagne sandwich with honey baked ham, their handmade sauce, and mozzarella cheese, for the price of 5,000 kyats.

I tried out the ham & egg sandwich which was quite filling in just a few bites but I really liked that there was a variety of protein and vegetables in one snack. Next, I tried out the croque-monsieur, I did not enjoy it at all as I am not the biggest fan of cheese and the snack was layered in a lot of cheese. But for the cheese lover, I can imagine spot on!

Address: No (121), Ground Floor, PKBC Building, Kayin Chan Compound, Corner of Ahlone Road &, Min Ye Kyaw Zwa Road, Ahlone Township 11121

Telephone : 09 892 892020
Hours: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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