Legislators of Lower House have approved a motion to prohibit e-cigarettes and water pipes, reports say.

On 28th July, MP U San Shwe Win of Yaykyi Constituency tabled the motion arguing that vaping and using water pipes, commonly known as shisha, could lead to health problems.

Six other MPs had discussed his proposal in support.

They said that e-cigarettes and shisha had long been advertised widely on social media. Many online shops and retail markets had been selling them and related accessories. 

They pointed out that the use of e-cigarettes and water pipes was still not covered by the Control of Smoking and Consumption of Tobacco Product Law enacted in 2006. They called for updating the law to control the use and the sale of e-cigarettes and water pipes.  

The motion was then approved without objection.

Myanmore called Ko Zayar, the general manager of Blow Rooftop Bar and Lounge, and asked about his view.

He replied: “I think the new law may require the proprietors to apply for a licence to sell shisha rather than ban it completely. If it called for a complete ban, we will have to follow it and replace shisha with other services. The shisha constitutes just 17 per cent of our sale. ”

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  1. That is not an example of democracy. People should be free to choose for themselves. Also on an economic level, it was not a smart decision. If you want to dissuade the public from what you see as unhealthy choices, you deincentivise it via taxation, you do not outrightly ban it. Also considering that in all factors and industries in Myanmar, money comes first and public health comes last, this type of push for banning under the guise of public health seems inauthentic at best.


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