We have realised the worth of online shopping and deliveries during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak but there is still this lingering thought in our minds, is online shopping 100% trustworthy when it comes to electronics? Or would you rather buy one after a hands-on or visual experience?

During recent years, several companies have been trying to take charge of the development of online shopping in Myanmar and it has reached a point where online shopping platforms in Myanmar are becoming used by citizens regularly. Here is our take on some of the more popular ones :


Shop.com.mm was one of the first official online shopping platforms in Myanmar and maybe one of the best still. After it was acquired by China’s Alibaba, several improvements have been made, including the option to order things from China. It is not specialised in electronics so the range of products can be limited.

Click this link to be taken to shop.com.mm



Ict.com.mm is an exclusive online tech retailer for electronic products, latest gadgets, mobile phones and computers. With 0% transaction fees, they provide many great deals and services. You have the opportunity to talk to online customer service to order a product of your choice with the right specifications even if it is not on their list. Another cool feature is that you can sell electronic products back on their page if you are an authorised distributor or reseller. Moreover, they have got really great reviews from customers. Different payment options are accessible too.

Click this link to be taken to ict.com.mm


Since 2004, Unique is one of the highly trusted tech dealers in Myanmar with many branches of Unique stores in Yangon and Mandalay. Now they have provided customers with an online shopping service with all their products onboard. Delivery is free nationwide and customer service online is available. You don’t have to worry if you received a faulty product, refunds are conveniently discussed. Payment options are flexible.

Click this link to be taken to unique.com.mm


With 10 stores in 5 cities in Myanmar, Technoland is one of Myanmar’s best-known electronic and IT retailers. It has successful business to business distributor relationships so almost all products of your preferences are available. Now that the Technoland online shopping site is running, with convenient shipping services, you can make secure payments with a payment option of your choice and at the same time, receive online customer support to assist your shopping experience. The website has the latest news section to enlighten you with up-to-date tech news.

Click this link to be taken to technoland.com.mm


Getting electronics online is definitely a different experience compared to purchasing them in stores where you can visually experience what you are paying for. However, it is now safe to say that we can trust and order a device online just with a click and all the services that the online electronic retailers are offering. English language will always be a challenge, but using a live chat or Facebook messenger might be easier than visiting the store trying to make yourself understood in English.

Let’s us know your own experiences and tips!



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