Are you in your practice of cleansing your body and boosting your energy with healthy food and drinks? Well, detox juice can be a good daily ritual for your health. Detox drinks are known to cleanse your digestive system, your liver and your body and they can enrich a healthy lifestyle. 

So, here are four places where you can buy detox juice online for delivery in Yangon.

1RAW Juice

Established in 2016, Raw Juice is one of the most popular places to get healthy detox juice in Yangon. Made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables, RAW sources them from a local market and all of RAW Juice are cold-pressed. RAW has got several different plans for different needs such as Intense Plan, Confidence Dinner Plan, etc. You can order the juices one day in advance and enjoy healthy and tasty RAW juices. Along with its cold-pressed juices, RAW has launched its new healthy GREENS menu with healthy salad bowls and meals. 

Tel: 09 785 061 066
Facebook: RAW Juice

2Jungle Detox

Jungle Detox offers a detox program that includes packages for Beginner Level, Advanced Level, Expert Level and Dinner Plan. The packages include detox juices made with a good mix of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts for beginner level, more vegetables, less fructose and less calories for advanced level, packed with a lot of superfoods for expert level and 3 nutrient packed detox juices plus a booster shot for dinner plan. Give it a try for a better and healthier lifestyle with Jungle Detox’s nutritious and organic detox juices.

Tel: 09 770 333 309
Facebook: Jungle Detox

3Body Detox

Body Detox offers one-day detox plan, which includes six 500 ml bottles for the whole day. You may need to drink it according to the labeled bottle – liver detox, colon detox, kidney detox, Vitamin C Booster, etc. They also have three-day detox plan, either. Give them a call for your order and build a healthier lifestyle with its healthy detox juices.

Tel: 09 512 1159
Facebook: Body Detox

4IVY Diet & Detox

IVY offers detox drinks by planning different programs for different customers including 1-day Program, 3-day Program, Special Program and Breakfast or Dinner Plan. Each plan has its own benefit for customers with different needs. For instance, 1-day Program which includes six 500 ml bottles is dedicated to those who want to cleanse their bodies, who need healthy lifestyle without losing weight, who are required to eat essential fruits and vegetables, etc. The price is also very affordable, with delicious-looking juices which will create a healthier lifestyle for you.

Tel: 09 793 850 520
Facebook: IVY Diet & Detox


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