Wave Desserts is a small business shop that sells French Pâtisserie online created by a team of passionate pastry bakers with experience-based in Switzerland. Wave Desserts offers delivery and pick up. Their current signature dessert is a three-layered Millie Fuilie and Hungarian Crepes with sour cream stuffing. A Mille Feuille is made up of three layers of caramelized puff pastry filled with the two layers of vanilla pastry cream. The Hungarian Crepes contain sour cream stuffing and sugar icing, a few bits of crispy almond flakes on top with two available flavors: blueberry or strawberry.

We tried the Mille Feuille : a French Traditional Vanilla pastry, which had a crunchy texture in the first bite and then the vanilla pours onto your palette. The cream was garnished with flakes of gold making the Millie Feuille look classy. The pastry was creamy but not sweet, it wasn’t sugary and it was a blended texture which we really enjoyed. To simplify the snack I would describe it as a thoroughly baked puff decorated with rich heavy cream. The law of diminishing marginal utility does not apply in this case because every bite was enjoyable as the last. The Mille Feuille comes in a box of six pieces for 9,000 kyats. The price of the dessert was worth it for the amount of dessert and the flavor you are getting. We would 10/10 recommend you to try out this luxurious tasting Mille Feuille.

 You can order yours now from their official Instagram and Facebook or through their google form links. Delivery available for 3,000 kyats.

Pick up available: Thiamine Junction Mosque, 18/B, near, Kyaik Waing Pagoda Rd, Yangon

Facebook & Instagram : @wavedesserts


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