Bubble tea trend in Myanmar has skyrocketed in recent years. This is our guide to the international bubble tea brands available in Myanmar to make sure you know which drink is made for you.


Source: “KOI Thé Myanmar” Official Facebook Page

Bubble tea isn’t bubble tea without its bubbles and Koi Thé took their quality bubble milk tea to the next level by keeping their bubbles fresh by replacing them every 2 hours. Every cup of tea came from carefully selected and pickled tea leaves to make sure you taste the best of it at your first sip. However, quality comes with a price. The proportion of the drink to the price ratio may be considered a bit unbalanced to some customers as most of their small-sized drinks start from around 2,000 – 2,500MMK. Their medium-sized drinks that cost around 3,000 – 3,500MMK are quite a delight if a customer doesn’t mind about pricing. Customers will be able to modify their drinks by choosing the amount of ice, the amount of sugar, and even toppings if bubbles aren’t their favourite. 

Locations: Junction City / Myanmar Plaza Shopping Center / Times City

KOI Thé Myanmar Facebook Page
09 42236 8395 | Delivery Available

Cha Thai (ChaTraMue Brand)

Source: “CHA THAI” Official Facebook Page

Cha Thai (ChaTraMue) tells us why Thai Tea is original and unique. It modernizes the milk tea we enjoyed in our childhood, and gives us a nostalgic taste for our sweet tooth people. Nonetheless, Original Thai Tea may not be for everyone, it has an exotic taste which hides the milky flavour. The drink is swirled with condensed milk which might not be the most healthy, but a customer can definitely suggest the ratio they want in their drink. However, Cha Thai may be one of the most affordable quality bubble tea drinks in Yangon with just one regular size starting from around 2,000 – 2,500MMK. Customers also can choose from a wide variety of toppings. 

Locations: City Mall / Junction City / Junction Square / Myanmar Plaza Shopping Centre / Ocean Shopping Center

CHA THAI Official Facebook Page 
09 795 562748 | Delivery Available

Gong Cha 

Source: “Gong Cha Myanmar” Official Facebook Page

A sip of Gong Cha’s bubble tea can tell us clearly why the milky taste in a cup of bubble tea is so important for us. Each cup may look simple but it tells us that simplicity hides a lot of flavours. Sugar levels and ice levels can be modified based on the desires of the customers. Prices start from around 2000-2500MMK and would gradually increase by around 1000MMK relative to the size of the bubble tea cups. Customers are suggested to try one from their top 10 drinks menu if it is their first time at Gong Cha.

Locations: Dagon Center II / Junction Center / Junction Square / Myanmar Plaza Shopping Centre
Gong Cha Myanmar Official Facebook Page 
09 783 822808 | Delivery Available

Tiger Sugar   

Source: “Tiger Sugar Myanmar” Official Facebook Page

The newest and one of the most aesthetic bubble milk cups in town. Tiger Sugar should definitely be where you go if you love brown sugar. It includes only three simple ingredients. Milk, brown sugar syrup and bubble.  Despite its popularity, the brown sugar bubble tea might actually be the sweetest drink. However considering its prices which starts from around 3000-3500MMK for regular sized prices, it is obvious that customers are not bound to enjoy a cup very regularly. Moreover, it seems almost essential to grab a cup of Brown Sugar Boba Milk, snap a picture before the brown sugar dissolves in the milk and post it on your instagram feed. 

Locations: Junction Square, Myanmar Plaza Shopping Centre

Tiger Sugar Myanmar
09 955 103388 | Delivery Available


  1. It looks very very very yummy!! 🙂
    I’m the one bubble tea lover
    my country also have Gongcha, but it’s quite expensive here
    I would like to try Myanmar’s bubble teas!


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