Yangon has a new contender on the cafe scene. With on outlet in Junction City and a new one on Bo Myat Htun road, Rain Cafe is bringing in its own concept. Visiting the Junction City Outlet, the cafe reminds you of something like an English garden vibe with its sophisticated chairs and tables with floral patterns. The owner has made an effort to make the venue instagrammable, decorated with vibrant pinks and purples, giving it a bright aesthetic look. There are two selfie-worthy spots: one is the wall covered in flowers and another area is a dedicated photo booth decorated with flowers and a swing. The customer service was immaculate and I loved everything about the atmosphere in the shop. It has a lot of mirrors, making space look more spacious than it really is. 

Chalk Menu

Rain Cafe has an array of desserts, and I tried out the new menu, Bingsu. Bingsu is a Korean delicacy made with shaved ice covered in generous syrup and toppings. They recently launched four flavours of Bingsu: Mango Cheesecake, Choco Brownie, Matcha Green Tea, and Milk Tea. I tried two of them to see the difference. They were Matcha Green Tea Bingsu and Milk Tea Bingsu, and to tell you my personal favourite, it would be the Matcha. I am not the biggest fan of Matcha but this dessert tasted luscious. The two desserts are equally capped with ice but are garnished with different toppings.

Milk Tea Bingsu

The Milk Tea Bingsu had cream cheese drizzled from the top of the ice cap with the mountain of almond flakes. The dessert contains one scoop of vanilla ice cream inside the ice cap. If you dig deep into the shaved ice, you will find grass jelly and pumpkin seeds. The cream cheese neutralizes the sweetness of the milk tea and the almond creates a flaky texture to the overall taste of Bingsu; which in my opinion is top-notch. The overall taste was sweet and would give 6/10.

Matcha Green Tea Bingsu

With Matcha Green Tea Bingsu, the ice was covered in a thick layer of black beans and matcha mochi. I was not impressed with the initial taste of the black beans, but I found the aftertaste combined with the shaved ice was a good match. The matcha mochi was the wow factor because it was really chewy and tasted amazing. The dessert contains one scoop of green tea ice cream inside the ice cap. The dessert also features one scoop of green tea ice cream inside it. The bottom layer of the Bingsu is lined with walnuts. I did not enjoy the walnuts at first but it complemented other ingredients. I think it is the beauty of this dessert that the ingredients taste ordinary alone but together they produce a more luxurious taste. The overall taste is savoury yet sweet and I would rate 8/10.

Tel : 01 820 3955
Address: No.026, 3rd floor, Junction City, Pabedan Tsp, Yangon
Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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