“I used to work for a corporate company at a bank and I have always dreamed about owning my own Airbnb or a tiny cafe. When I first thought of opening a cafe, I considered what I could offer for my customer; a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee at a reasonable price. Being a corporate employee I drink a lot of coffee in the morning and when it is 5,000 kyats a drink, it’s too much. I started thinking about the names for our shop and I wanted to say that it was made with the heart; SOUL MADE. I have always been passionate about going to cafes and I really wanted to open my own one day” shares the young entrepreneur, now the owner of her very own SOUL MADE cafe.

Soul Made offers freshly grilled gourmet sandwiches and gives off the wonderful aroma of newly brewed coffee. The shop stands out between other vendors as it gives off a dark and classy look. The menu is affordable for the amount of product you are getting. Soul Made has seven varieties of gourmet sandwiches combined with their handmade sauces and spreads. The sandwich was quite filling and would be perfect for people grabbing a bite before class or work. They support and use local coffee beans and are ground at their shop, making your coffee fresh. 

Soul Made’s gourmet sandwiches do not look or taste like a normal sandwich, completely changing the shape of the sandwich and making it a grilled toast. She went to a lot of cafes to do her research and her market sounding and created a snack that would be both delicious and filling. She noted that the customers usually eat with three things; if it is visually appealing, the actual taste of the food, and their opinion. The main ingredients are all customized and carefully picked, such as the texture of bread, the flavourings, and the sauces. The shop does not use any preservatives so all the toast is fresh out of the oven.  She lowered the prices of the coffee by using local ground in her shop, which she personally chose and tested out herself, in order to make it affordable for her targeted customers.

The signature sandwiches are Cheese Garlic Bread (Korean street food), Fresh Mango Cream Cheese Bread (made with fresh fruits), and Bacon Cheese Sauce & Egg. The signature drinks are Lemon Kiwi Soda and Soul Made Brew Coffee. The sodas are widely popular among the kids as the fruits have vibrant colors. Soul Made Brew Coffee is popular among cooperate workers.

Tel: 09882671159
Address: Citywalk Foodies@Times City
Hours: 8:30 am to 8:00 pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulmademm



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