Butiria is a new local Chin ethnic restaurant and cafe, opened on July 18th, providing authentic Chin food with ingredients from Chin state in an environment that makes you feel as if you were in Chin state.

Butiria gives off a sense of Chin culture through their friendly service and warm traditional food and beverages. The menu covers different varieties of food; fusion for people unfamiliar with Chin food and Chin traditional cuisines for Chin people that miss their local cuisine. You can have your pick from a variety of diverse drinks from specialty Chin coffee to Western Coffee and fresh fruit juices. 

The original idea for this shop was to provide a place for the Chin community in Yangon to have a place to come and gather and interact with their native tongues. Even though there are a lot of tribes in Chin State, the food can be eaten according to each person’s preference as you have your own condiments displayed on each table.

The restaurant is fully furnished and decorated to have the experience of actually being in Chin state. The walls are designed with their natural wood called Pinewood, which is one of the many natural resources produced from Chin state. All the decoration and arts and crafts were handmade by talented Chin artists to contribute to making Chin people far from home feel as if they were home when they enter the restaurant. The fabric on the wall is a combination of the Chin’s tribes’ patterns combined into one to create a meaningful art piece.

Zagaw Tamin

Their signature food includes Chin’s most loved food: Sabuti, which is a soup-based broth that needs a lot of preparation. The broth’s main ingredients include the new words in the name itself Sa means meat and Buti means corn in their native language. Another dish would be Zagaw Tamin, which is a meal which you share with a group of people and depending on their number of people the shop offers two sizes of this meal. Zagaw Tamin includes Chin sesame chicken, Fish brought from Chin, fermented soybean, a side of vegetable salad, and a traditional side dish called Pya Hin. Their signature drink would be the Butiria style coffee which is made with local beans from Chin state. 


Chin ethnic restaurants are a rare sight in Yangon compared to other ethnic food, making it very welcome during a time where Chin people can’t go back home due to blockage of travel. “Here anyone can have authentic Chin.”

I tried Chin food for the first time and had their traditional dish Sabuti. It looked like a normal soup-based dish mostly resembling Shan food but the taste of Sabuti was nothing like what I had eaten before. I added a bit of their spicy veggie mix and pinch of salt and it tasted amazing. The flavour was rich in corn broth and the dish came with toppings you could add to make your experience more pleasurable. 

Address: U Yae Khel Street, Mayangone Township Yangon, 11051
Telephone : 09 976 182177
Hours : 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Listing with map here https://www.myanmore.com/restaurant-directory/listing/butiria


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