There’s a call, you’ve heard this story nine times before. One of your cars has been involved in a serious crash. Who’ll contact the family, how can you help?  Soon the fear takes over, of why, why and why can’t we stop this? XYL knew it had a problem after ten fatal accidents in three months.  It was then the company turned to Myanmar Tracker to successfully solve the problem.

Every company has a duty of care to ensure safety for clients, workers and the community.  If safety is compromised again and again at some stage management needs to take a good hard look at what’s going wrong.

Myanmar Tracker knows the pain that companies experience after an accident, when employees are irresponsible with equipment, or steal company assets, it’s not just a financial question but communities can suffer.  

After investigations into the fatal crashes XYL, one of Myanmar’s largest business conglomerates were told that the major cause of accidents was excessive speeding.   

Addressing the issue was a matter of urgency, not only for the safety of the community but it had cost the company 80 million Kyat ($58,480 USD) and their insurance company was threatening to withdraw their cover.  

The question for the company was how do you stop workers and clients speeding who are located hundreds of kilometres from the office?

Myanmar Tracker to the rescue! Today, every one of the company’s 90 car fleet has been fitted with a MT Safety Speed. The installed device will stop the car from travelling over 80 kilometres per hour (49 Miles per hour). 

By introducing the right technologies businesses can not only increase productivity but furthermore decrease their assets operating costs, improve safety and reduce their environmental impact.

Reducing operating costs

As an industry norm, fuel accounts for 30% of a fleet’s operational costs and in most cases is the largest operational cost. Fleet managers find it challenging to reduce this cost as there are numerous factors that contribute to fuel usage – hard braking, sudden acceleration, speeding and fuel theft to mention a few.

A great success story is of Pongrawe/Asia Sun,  Puma Energy’s main transporter of Jet Fuel. When dealing with the transportation of hazardous cargo, any accident can become a tragedy and an environmental disaster. Hence Puma came to Myanmar Tracker in 2017 to help them implement a fleet management system which would give them the ability to adhere to the strict rules stipulated in the International Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.

Not only was Myanmar Tracker able to reduce speeding violations, and harsh driving by 90 percent but furthermore it also helped to reduce fuel theft and fuel consumption. Within three months Pongrawe/Asia Su, was able to reduce their overall fuel bill by 20%.

Myanmar Tracker’s “vision is to use technology to continuously improve the lives of our fellow citizens wholesomely: Enhance profitability, cut down wastage and cultivate healthy working environments,” said Yasen Jamal, CEO, Myanmar Tracker. 

This is no start-up company.  Since 1941 the company has grown out of Uganda and integrated its technology into industry, from Canada to the UAE, and the UK. In 2012 the parent company, Jamal Walji Group, saw the opportunity to help modernize businesses and maximise resources in Myanmar.

Myanmar Tracker has worked with large national and multinational organisations in a vast variety of industries ranging from insurance, school, to vehicle leasing companies. Myanmar Tracker brings with them a solid team lead by a CTO from Canada who has 12 years of experience in electronic engineering.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses.   

Each client will be offered technology that is crafted to ensure unique outcomes and address problems identified by each client.

For example one of the largest Heavy Machinery and Excavator Leasing company’s came to Myanmar tracker asking for a solution to enable them to track their machinery being used in the remotest places in Myanmar. Places which have no cellular network coverage at all. Over the last two years, they had started experiencing payment delays by their customers, and some of their machines have also disappeared. Myanmar Tracker was able to come up with a custom solution which would not only allow them to track their machinery on a daily bases and, if needed, they could also disable the machine from being used.

The innovation is limitless. Already technology is providing support to monitor with high accuracy, flooding, waste, even soil saturation and temperatures. 

The world of innovation is changing so many aspects of life. 

That’s just today, but Myanmar Tracker sees the potential of applying GPS systems into so many ventures. Just imaging keeping children safe as they return from school. What if parents could view the location of the school bus as it chunks down the road? At the right time, you can stop work, and without wasting time meet your tiny tots as they leave the care of the education system to be in your arms.

Myanmar Tracker™ is a provider of state of the art GPS Tracking & fleet management solutions. We infuse over 100 years of our family business tradition and use telematics technology to provide a holistic line of products and services that help you reduce costs and increase profitability – You can now monitor fuel consumption, theft, driving behaviour to mention a few solutions we can provide.

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