Ko Oo’s Art Solo Exhibition

Born in 1966 in Yangon, Ko Oo followed his passion and studied photography in1995. A year later, he made his debut as a photographer with the documentary film “The Collector” and other talented shots of daily lives that portrayed Myanmar in photos. His work was showcased as a solo photography show at Azada Art Gallery in the year 2016.

As an artist, he studied how to paint visually from 2001 to 2003 and created spectacular paintings but couldn’t continue due to his own reasons. Nonetheless, he came back stronger in 2018 and resumed his painting career. He spent most of his time painting in 2019 as a self-taught artist. 

The paintings he spent two years of hard work on were intended to be showcased on his first solo art exhibition on 27th of March, which is also the date of his wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, due to the sudden pandemic outbreak, the event was postponed and the date was pushed back until this week. 

From 25th to 29th of July (10AM to 6PM), all art lovers are invited to attend Ko Oo’s Solo Art Exhibition in KALASA Art Space, Yangon. 

Address: Kalasa Art Space, No. 131, 1st floor (right), 34 street, middle block, 34 St, Yangon




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