You can love it or you can hate it, but you can’t ignore it when someone brings it into the room. Dubbed the king of fruits, durian is produced in abundance during this season. For those who want to try this “smelly” tropical fruit, here’s our guide.

Quick facts about durian:

  1. Mon State is the major grower of durian.
  2. Imports from Thailand and China can be bought off the shelves and in Chinatown for several months in the summer and rainy season. But the local produce is available only between May and July. They are less expensive and taste better, in my opinion.
  3. The local produce is around Ks5,000 and the imports Ks10,000.
  4. Although there’s no scientific evidence that people with high cholesterol cannot eat durian, you should first consult with your doctor.
  5. If you’re diabetic, you shouldn’t eat durian.
  6. A myth has it eating durian with carbonated drinks can be fatal. Although it’s not as deadly as it sounds, soda and durian can lead to bloating. So avoid ever pairing them.
  7. Also, don’t drink alcoholic beverages before or after eating durian. It may not kill you, but can cause heartburn.

Reference: Raffles Medical Group

Where to try durian delicacies

Wake N’ Bake

Almost every durian lover in Yangon knows this place for its assorted durian pastries and generous durian buffet. If you don’t want to have durian raw for the first time, its durian pillow is a good start. When you become more comfortable with its smell, try durian faluda or sago cake. You can also buy the fruit itself. The buffet is not yet available, though.

Branch (1): No. 941(A), Thitsar Road, Ward 7, South Oakkalapa Township, Yangon.
09 798 407 510, 09 798 407 511
8 AM – 8 PM

Branch (2): No. 9E(1), Kabaraye Pagoda Road, 8-Mile, Mayangone Township, Yangon.
09 768 751 688, 09 775 120 595
8 AM – 7 PM

Branch (3): No. 83, in the corner of Kaingdan Street and Anawrahta Road, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.
09 795 194 532, 09 896 917 629
8 AM – 8 PM

At Wake N’ Bake


It’s popular with dessert-goers for the upgraded Burmese pastries, especially sago cakes with different flavours. Its latest addition to the Burmese dessert line-up is “durian brain” which is durian stuffed in double coconut milk puffs. Durian sago cake is an alternative if you like sago seeds. You can find Ambrosia branches in shopping malls like Myanmar Plaza, Junction City, City Mall, etc. Get them delivered to your doorstep: 09 268 882 099, 09 266 956 655 or via Facebook during the office hours. 

Htoo Ice-cream

One of the longest running dessert restaurants in Yangon. Its durian ice-cream should be in any must-try food list in the Golden Land. What makes it more special is that the durian ice-cream is available only in the season to ensure the authentic taste. A 6-scoop box for just Ks4,500 is good for sharing with your family and friends. Order above Ks15,000 to get them delivered.

Branch (1): No. 22, Upper Pazuntaung Road, near the Pazuntaung Park, Yangon.

Branch (2): No. 10, between the Sinyaetwin bus stop and Butayone street bus stop, on the Hledan-Inein Road, Hlaing Township, Yangon.

09 975 285954
4 AM – 10 PM

Htoo durian ice-cream out of the box

BreadTalk Myanmar

Pastries with an edge! It offers two lines of cakes and buns made with durian and mango. Durian buns and tarts are best to pair with the afternoon tea. They have gentler flavours, so best for people who want to try the fruit but shunned by its strong smell. They’re the limited edition so buy fast while they last!

Check the nearest store here or order online.

Panda Diaries

Another dessert shop for snacks made with durian from crepe cakes to smoothies. You can also get the fruits at around Ks5,000. But the availability of the fruits depends on the suppliers so call them first before you visit.

No. 315, Ground floor, Corner of Lanmadaw 3rd street and Anawrahta Road, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.

09 795 857 545
9:30 AM – 9:30 PM


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