If you are a restaurant owner or bartender, we believe you have your experience with glasses. Chef&Sommelier’s Krysta™ glassware is here to make your days brighter.

Whether it is a wine or highball drink, the texture is as important as the taste. The complete transparency of Krysta glassware brings out the colour of the drink inside for a unique and exquisite experience.

When your customers make a toast, the extra strong Krysta glasses produce the clear sound that lasts longer than any ordinary glasses. Extend the fun in the room!

The seamless stem technology provides a better grip. Even if someone with slippery hands accidentally drops the glass, the superior strength of the crystalline material can endure the fall height of 12 inches (35 cm). Embrace the carefree lifestyle.

Gone are the worries about glass cloudiness. Krysta glassware is as shiny as new even after 2,000 dishwasher cycles. Moreover, the extra flat foot leaves no room for water retention. It saves time you normally spent for extra care and wipes which means more time to better serve your customers.

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