Where to Buy Reusable Cloth Face Masks that are Stylish

It has been almost 4 months since the disease first started here in Myanmar. The number of infections has been stable due to certain rules and regulations that the government has proclaimed and the public has followed. However, it is always safe and never wrong to wear face masks whenever we go out. 

When it comes to face masks, there are both disposable and reusable masks. If you are looking for reusable face masks that are both fashionable and reliable, here are some of the places where you can buy them.


Tytenium offers some of the most fashionable cloth masks. Made with cotton, linen and denim fabrics for at least 3 layers, Tytenium’s reusable cloth masks are both reliable and fashionable at the same time with various colorful patterns for both genders and the price starts from 2000 Ks. Moreover, in order to celebrate Pride Month, you can get 1 mask free if you buy 9 pcs from its FLORAL mask series for the whole month of June.

Facebook: Tytenium


MyanMask focuses on producing a mass amount of reusable face masks, which can be used by various numbers of people- from a small family to a large group in an organization. Cloth masks produced by MyanMask are made with cotton fabric with a medical filter in the middle and 100 Ks from every mask sold goes to donations for underprivileged families amid COVID-19 crisis. You can also order your own customized face masks from them- for young children or adults. It has got different collections of masks- Black for All, Colorful Package, Cartoon Mask and more, with prices starting from 2200 Ks for 7 pcs of different color masks.  

Tel: 09 451 672 263, 09 971 475 847

Facebook: MyanMask

3MMD Collections

This clothing shop produces 2-layer cloth masks, with non-woven fabric inside and cotton on the outside. Its colorful face masks come in one size that is fit for all adults at the price of 4000 Ks for 3 pcs and 6000 Ks for 5 pcs. Their reusable face masks can be hand-washed or with gentle cycle in the machine.

Tel: 09 751 117 700

Facebook: MMD Collections


ChuChu makes its own masks by following WHO’s recommendations by sewing 2 layers of reusable cotton masks with filter pockets and sanitising with antiseptic solutions. A great thing about this is ChuChu donates one mask to people in need all over the country for every mask you buy. Just leave a message or give a call and have your masks delivered to your doorstep.

Tel: 09 792 582 795

Facebook: ChuChu

And, here is the instructions on how to wash your cloth masks provided by Tytenium.


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