The Bash Yangon is not your typical restaurant. It has only three menu items still in total, yet all of them as positioned to get attention through its presentation and selection of food loved by both locals and internationals, and a lot more interesting items are in progress to add to the menu.

Its first item, and bestseller, is the whole chicken stuffed with sticky rice. The sticky rice with egg, sausage, mushrooms, beans, carrot is stuffed inside the whole chicken, just at the price of 13,000 Ks.

Mr. Victor, the owner of The Bash Yangon, stated: “I really think it’s important to be creative with anything we are presenting to the customers so I decided to make this menu, which is not just ordinary grilled chicken.” His hard work seems to have paid off since this chicken menu has been customers’ favourite since it was first introduced.

The other two menu items are Special Pork Ribs and Mutton Soup with Chapati at the prices of 13,500 Ks and 7,000 Ks respectively.

In addition, there is a new promotion – Buy an order of Pork Ribs and get 2 free Carlsberg beers!

The Bash Yangon is still closed at the moment, however, it will come back to the public as a rooftop bar with games on the ground floor. You can chill at the rooftop with good food and drinks or hang out with your friends downstairs with beer pongs, air hockey, billiards, etc. 

The opening date will be announced accordingly so be prepared to enjoy the Shwe Dagon Pagoda view on The Bash Yangon rooftop bar with its special food and drinks.

Order The Bash Yangon by giving a call to them and enjoy your day with its specially made menus.

Tel: 09 509 6069

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