With the name ‘Serendip’, short for ‘Serendipity’ – the occurrence of making pleasant, desirable discoveries by pure accident – this indoor plant shop offers succulents, cacti and several indoor houseplants. 

Aye Thadar Swe, the owner and founder of Serendip, started to have a great interest in houseplants when her mother brought home a bunch of succulents. Aye decided to experiment with them, repotting the plants in colourful pots to match their looks and personalities. ‘“Actually, my mom was a plant lover herself and it rubbed off on me. My first plant was a Monstera that I got with my mom and it is very special to me.” said Aye. 

After learning the value of caring for those plants and watching them grow in her hands, she shared what she had created online and to her surprise, a lot of people started to ask  whether they could purchase the plants. And that’s how she started a page online. 

At Serendip, you can get succulents, cacti and other indoor houseplants. However, if you cannot find the one you are looking for at the shop – Aye Thadar Swe herself will source it out for you. The prices of the plants range from 6,500 Ks to 30,000 Ks, depending on whether singular pots or other arrangements since most of them are repotted. Aye also mentioned that she adjusts accordingly to some customers who have a budget.

“For succulents, in regards to the weather compatibility here, it depends on how you care for it and where you place it. It’s either sunny or rainy, so keeping them indoors is helpful. Most succulents are imported from neighbouring countries so they can be a bit sensitive when they arrive, and need time to adapt to the circumstances here.” explained Aye. 

“There are quite a lot of tricks in caring for succulents since most of them are low-maintenance and thrive on neglect and too much of anything, sun, water or plant food can be problematic.” she continued. The general care instructions are to have a good potting mix, to only water when the sun has completely dried out and to avoid any harsh afternoon sun or cold aircon drafts when kept outdoors. “Generally speaking, providing some morning sun with bright indirect light the rest of the day would be ideal. I would suggest waiting at least 10 days between watering sessions, and longer if kept outdoors or during the colder months.”

For beginners who are thinking of starting a collection, Aye recommends a Zebra Haworthia or something of Sempervivum variety. The former can go weeks without water and is suitable at any location, whether it be an office or a home environment and the latter thrives on neglect and is hardy, which means it can tolerate more sun and underwatering than other succulent types. 

“In a way to lift people’s spirits up during times like this, I wanted to share the positivity and joy I get from plants. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have been supportive and giving positive feedback. And for the people who have come across my page, I want to tell them to not be scared and to try it out. Some are succulent lovers, some are cacti lovers, some are a bit of everything and it is exciting to see which one you will be.” added Aye.

Serendip provides both delivery and pick-up options. Delivery service is available every week, mostly weekends, however, the time and schedule can be suggested if the customers want it delivered on a certain day. Moreover, in order to be eco-friendly, the plants are packed in baskets, reusable wrapping papers and cardboard to minimize any waste. Plus, a mini care card is included in every order and for special occasions, you can also get a card with your personal message, without additional charges!

Check those beautiful houseplants on its page and grab yours! 

Facebook: Serendip


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