The following restrictions have been extended till the end of June 30 as announced by Myanmar government this week:

  • Restrictions on Visa and International flights stay
  • Public and mass gatherings are not allowed
  • The 12 (midnight) to 4 a.m. curfew still in effect
  • Social distancing needs to be practised
  • Schools and training centres are to be closed
  • Everyone needs to wear a mask when outside

On the positive side:

  • Long-distance buses can operate again but must limit the number of passengers
  • Restaurants, cafes, tea shops and markets can open again with social distancing measures and a limited number of customers

For domestic travel:

After some contradictory reports, the people from Khiri Travel decided to test by driving across the country, and the conclusion was: no quarantine, no special papers and people are happy to see domestic travellers visiting their region again.

However, it is best for independent travellers to be on the safe side since it is a bit unclear what the rules are. There could be checkpoints so it is an advantage if you have

  • your town council papers on where you live and that you have not been sick together
  • a letter from your company on why you are on the trip.
  • the hotel booking and purpose of visit.

It seems more official visits such as to Ministries require more documentation such as health certificate and Ministry meeting approval letters. If you are a returnee you will also need papers from the quarantine centres as well.

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