[Pets] Where to buy food and accessories for your furry friends online

As much as we people are stuck at home amid this crisis, our pets are also affected since they can no longer have walkies or playdates outside. So, it is now the best time to spoil our fur babies with their favourite food, snacks and toys. Here are some of the pet shops that deliver to your home.

1Puppy Paradise

Puppy Paradise is a pet hotel, spa and accessories shop. Providing high quality grooming service with professional groomers, Puppy Paradise also offers pet food, accessories, toys, medicine and a lot more. It is also open at the moment for spa and grooming services, however, if you just want to shop online, just visit its website and anything you need for your puppies or kittens will be there.

Facebook: Puppy Paradise
Website: http://www.puppyparadisemyanmar.com
Tel: 09 444 448 446


This pet shop offers a wide range of pet food and accessories of various brands. If you are looking for dry and canned food or bones or treats for your pets, you can find tons of various brands there such as Me-O, Royal Canin, Friskies and more. If you are the one who loves to dress up your pet, MyPet also sells cute outfits of various sizes. You can order the items via Viber video chat to choose anything you want and they will be delivered within two days.

Facebook: MyPet
Tel: 09 797 298 777

3Bunny Paradise

Bunny Paradise mainly focuses on selling food and accesories for bunnies. There is a huge collection of food, treats, toys and medicine for your bunny there. You can also find collars, cages, and even small clothes to dress up your bunny. Just give them a call and have them delivered to you within 2 to 3 days. Check this cutest small house for bunnies – you can get it from Bunny Paradise. 

Facebook: Bunny Paradise
Tel: 09 421 164 830

4Happy Pets

Another place where you can get grooming services for your pets. With cute pink walls and a wide display of pet food and accessories, you can both buy pet supplies and have your pet groomed by the shop’s well-trained groomers. For the time being, you can only leave your pet for grooming service at the place and pick up after everything is done, in order to avoid unnecessary crowds.

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/happypets22218/
Tel: 09 43 201 932


Mingala-Bark provides access to premium dog products in Myanmar. Each product in the Mingala-Bark box has been carefully chosen and tested by the team, choosing products that are unique, delicious and highly nutritious.

As of 2020, Mingala-Bark has started carrying brands that have a big focus on a natural and healthy lifestyle. They represent brands such as Loyalty Pet Treats, Kin+Kind, ROOTS, Himalayan Pet Supply, Adored Beasts Apothecary, FitPet, WAG.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/mingalabark/
Website: https://mingalabark.com


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